Antomage & Sarah de Warren – Astronomy ( Magic & Nightblue Co-release)

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Antomage & Sarah de Warren – Astronomy ( Magic & Nightblue Co-release)

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Supernova skies
Exploding in the night
Oh, why
We live and we die

‘Til the sun burns out
I’m right here with you now
We fell at the speed of sound

We’re a constellation
But we can’t align
It’s all that we know
I’m just hoping
We get it right

Every conversation
Is another sign
Heaven only knows
We’re too close

Falling like the lights that
Keep us blinded
We’re higher than the stars
That shine
I want you close to me

This gravity pulls
Us together and apart
Every night
We’re like astronomy

When the world goes dark
I still see your scars
But that’s who you are

Put your hands on me
Feel this energy
Without you I couldn’t breathe

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Muneer Martin says:

KARMA approves!

Happy says:

Great song pulls out your supernatural spirit, no past nostalgic

Jay PDS says:

Thats the word, Magic Music and Sarah De Warren!!! Awesome!!!

AmIsU ;p says:

is free music?

NotSoNooby says:


Colette Pin says:

I feel nostalgia

red warrior says:

This deserves more views tbh. It's amazing!

Jefferson Chhin says:

Louimnuiea would like to read my U/true_sm-olmalek

Shaury San says:

Maravillosa!! Gracias!!

Aparajita's amazing world says:

Love the song

christopher sfeir says:

isnt it on spotify???

Pratyush Gawali says:

Anyone has link to the artwork ?

Lyran Lover says:

This is a vibe

Sasi Bar says:

wow this is just perfection

David Fernandez says:

Quien vino acá por wisper??


this song makes me cry

Muye Cai says:

keep up the good work!

048_Kristian Yakin says:

Izin taruh jejak 🙂

Nightcore - Lina says:

This songs just amazing

prime says:


대물도깨비 says:


KevinMC says:

Soooo goooddđ

Prokrity's World says:

Can I use this for YouTube Videos?

DarknOtfoUnd says:

i love this song so much

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