US attacks ‘Iran-backed’ militias in Syria | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

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Video has emerged of US air strikes in Syria last week which the US said targeted Iran-backed militias. The attacks came after months of productive negotiations over the nuclear deal between Iran and western powers.

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Jean Blese says:

USA need give up u.s can't win Iran allies so dangerous

John R says:

US is there to fight ISIS and help the Kurds. Anyway, if Russia (a second rate power) can do whatever it wants (Ukraine, Georgia etc), certainly the US as #1 military can. Russia even annexes countries and commits genocide.

Horny Toads says:

i think its fair to say that its the US that backs terrorism not Iran… we have seen what they did to Iraq and Syia in the last decade alone.. it was Iran who eventually got rid of the US made mess not anyone else

Goldarrr Digi says:

I strongly condemned America terrorism in the region .
Syrian govt and Syrian people decide the fate of Syria, Not invaders and terrorists.

Junaed Ahmed says:

american terrorism should stop
They killed millions of people all over the world

lib gapper says:

Iran is the biggest LIAR.

marco gregorio says:

You are not welcome there so just leave you invader

imnot tushiro says:

They just cruise around the globe and kill people, how they like it. Every nation on Earth, that wants to be safe from them must have nukes, or get killed, or servants, these are the only 3 options. Imagine what they would do to NK, if they hadnt nukes, prolly wiped off the map.

slade tuner says:

This was for Israel!

Captain Meowzers says:

I liked when people shot eachother with guns better.

Saddam Hussein says:

The US Are Clearly Trying to Protect israel .
All American Troops Should Leave Syria and Iraq Immediately.

Michael Crooks says:

Repent Matthew chapter 24 Bible prophecies

Abu Saleh says:

US never learn like Germans never learn but Israel are different from them. You ask why? They forget who they were.

a says:

The Middle East is the historical land of the Aryan Empire. The United Nations and the Syrian government invited the help of the Syrian army against the American invaders

Michael Mwaura says:

US terrorists fight Irani liberation

ALI* says:

What a shame!!
Gaint US is struggling with Sanctioned with IRAN
That means it is American's last movement;:-

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