North Korea Confirms Kim Jong Un Had COVID-19—After Pushing Claims It Defeated The Virus

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was infected with Covid while fighting to contain the country’s first acknowledged outbreak of the disease, according to state media on Tuesday, confirming earlier reports from Kim’s family as Pyongyang doubles down on claims it has defeated the virus and continues to baselessly push the idea South Korea was responsible for the outbreak.


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UberBeatsHawaii says:


YK 21 says:

Does anyone ever believe anything coming out of N. Korea? If they do they are idiots.

Toxic Haste says:

Both of our presidents had covid. Not sure what our intelligence community hopes to gain from relaying this information. It's not like anyone in North Korea will see or read about it, unless Kim so chooses. And North Korea had already openly admitted to it's own populace and the world at large, that Covid had spread throughout the country. So it's open knowledge that people were getting sick, they simply said they would do their upmost to contain it and minimalize its affect on the citizenry. As every nation did.

J B says:

Supporting the Virus

greg graves says:

Biggest jackass
Can't fight alone
Always paying someone else do his dirty work or tricks
Don't have any goodies
Disease will take him down

The Triggering of the Snowflakes says:

That's not possible as the Dear Leader, most popular President in American history, Joe Biden assured us that nobody who had the vax can catch covid – it's 100% safe & effective. Anything else is dangerous medical misinformation

Milton Hollis says:

Kim Jong Un must've took the Dr Fauci sauce Vaccine to get Sick Again….I believe I'm staying away from those FAUCIOCHI Vaccines..

Pi几K ƤAssion says:

China created the virus they want control over the world..

J.D. says:

No news here. So is has a cold.
Enough of the bullshit coverage.

Ian Hunter says:

Weird not a single leader of any country died tho

13bustah says:

WOW! Kim and Biden have a lot in common.

Jake Krueger says:

North Korea: South Korea gave our dear leader the virus!!!

COVID-19: And I took that personally.

Dustin Smith says:

Wasn't he taking out his own people that had covid , or was that a different country?

President of Science says:

He injected disinfectant and is expected to recover.

Joseph Talmadge says:

None of these elites politicians dictators are getting covid they have the cure

Lethal Weapon says:

too bad it didn't take out the glorious leader. FJB! LETS GO BRANDON I AGREE!

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