Newly released footage of Utah man who died after a police encounter

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Limited body camera footage shows the moments before Utah resident Nykon Brandon died after police responded to a 911 call.


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motu moyu says:

Great job coppers. this dumbass caused his own heart attack. plus he was already drunk and reaching for weapons. No paramedic or mental health person could save this dumbass from the demon inside of him.

Step Above says:

I think cops acted with miminum force and professionaly.

luxxy uwu says:

Cops are fucking stupid bro

Old Fashion real American! says:

cuz Biden is president..NO BLM matter anymore..LOL if Trump was president we would have rioters all around the country..

comepuchas says:

8.31.22 no ww3 nk

Paint It, black! by Rolling Stones says:

Boy, thay meth huh…..
I mean "mental bs"

Richie says:

As soon as these things resist they should be shot. Enough is enough.

Sagacious Apotheosis BLM says:

More police murder. Killed for what?! Filthy fucking cops! FTP ACAB

trailblazermc says:

Cops guilt will be bad later in their lives. You cannot murder humans and live a happy long life. It will eat you from the inside out.

Jwalk Hooligan says:

If he was black it would be a international story

s j says:

When will they learn pinning people down with their chest and torso compressed against hard surfaces such as concrete, ground or any hard surface then applying downward pressure from their back side such as the cop in this video holding his wrist and applying downward pressure restricts the lungs and diaphragm from being able to function properly is a mystery to me. Its basic biology and anatomy most people learned in middle school.

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