Amazon, J.P. Morgan Aim To Disrupt The Healthcare Industry | Forbes

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This week Amazon, J.P. Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway announced a partnership that aims to lower health care costs. How will this affect the healthcare industry?

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Peter Z says:

Preventative & curative is better than proprietary & proscriptive. Gotta disguise it though. Internally first, then externally. Root cause of the Amazon effect. That would disrupt the system. Seems to me. ( JP Morgan healthcare costs will go down more than 20%. And we'll all have health – including all companies. AMA, pharma and insurance are in sickness benefits – to me, that's the real story. Fact things (like health) don't donate to med schools, advertise on TV, visit doctors or donate to Congress. So it needs to be privatized. And disguised. Clever. This whole government healthcare debate – it's about sickness benefits – more money into the system, not more health. I like health benefits better than sickness benefits. For me, my friends and my family. Others can like what they want. )

Peter Z says:

At the end of the day, preventative & curative is better than proprietary & proscriptive. There seem to be periods of widespread health in the way past. Ultimately, body inputs affect body outputs. It would be clever to know which and disguise them, internally first and then externally. Seems to me. ( AMA shot one down done in other countries now and other times when explained by Royal Rife. Sometimes called sound healing; resonant frequencies that shatter the shell of bad guys; like an opera singers voice breaking glass. Explains Alexa, to me. )

Peter Z says:

Seems to miss the point of "preventative vs. curative" and that (a) knowing preventative approaches and (b) disguising them as other offerings, is quite a good approach. Such approaches (antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral; because there are three disease types) are here …

ham shank says:

Go after the FDA as well as the unethical medical practices of these Drs pretty much giving you drugs you don't Need

Shay007 says:

Affordable medications for all!!! Thank you!!!!

Linda S says:

Plant based diet. Hope,they figure it out

R A says:


eerereps says:

Cheaper healthcare is always good…

Collins N says:

this will be the start of all of the new telemedicine companies in U.S …

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