A look at the latest research in COVID treatments | COVID-19 Special

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In some parts of the world COVID restrictions are being lifted, but in others new infections are rising again. That makes research into effective treatments all the more important, including protein-based drugs and alternative vaccines.

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Liza Jane says:

How can you do sterile technique with a nasal spray? How can you not touch the inside of the nose, and then spread to another person's nose? 1 dose per person? How big would these nasal bottles be? Not very big.

Annette Velásquez says:

I just tested positive and was put on Paxlovid, the section on Paxlovid rebound is troubling, but at least this medication is preventing hospitalizations and serious complications.

Annette Velásquez says:

Despite being vaccinated, masking, meticulous hygiene, good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, I just tested positive 2 days ago. Because I have hypertension and am 59, I was put on Paxlovid… I have mild nasal congestion, intermittent coughing, a scratchy throat, drenching sweats, fatigue and brain fog. I sure hope I recover soon, people say it is like the flu but to me, it feels very different, unusual – the sweats are odd and how symptoms wax and wane, and came on so suddenly.

Wild Weasel says:


Conditional freedom predicated on constant compliance with rolling government mandates is not good for a free people. Especially when enforced by overt government sanctioned discrimination, ideological segregation and blatant coercion using duplicitous language under a faulty premise where non compliance limits a free citizens ability to work, buy, sell, trade, travel, pursue an education or exercise any other other God-given inalienable rights.

Then when seeing that it’s a global campaign in the face of world-wide protests that the media ignores wholesale while concurrently being sponsored by vaccine producers with no accountability or liability is absolutely Diabolical.

Then there’s the masks:

The absurd masks turn us into unwitting repeaters for a message we know to be false.

When we wear one we are communicating , “you are a biohazard; I am a biohazard; we should be living in fear.”

Shameful. Degrading. And worst of all…Child abuse.

Then we are censored for raising the issue. That’s also Diabolical.

Share this principle far and wide by any means, otherwise we will be getting played long into the future as unwitting repeaters in other self deprecating ways.

Take the masks off. Keep them off. Don’t force them on our children for goodness sake.
Outlaw vaccine passports or tracking systems that limit our or our neighbor’s freedom.
When we participate as individuals in such a system – we vet it, give it credence and building power against us and those we love; we become it.

Please consider this and think before throwing your support behind these oppressive initiatives.

Mary Ola says:

Well Cuban medicine already made nasal vc for its ppl, but since politics… They will stay in Cuba.

Butch Fajardo says:

The best cure is isolation of the infected! During our leprosy days here in the Philippines where there was no cure for it then, our government only did one thing! All the infected were isolated in Palawan Island. I don't know why governments allowed this Wuhan virus to freely spread to their people!

Butch Fajardo says:

It's not a vaccine when we are forced to sign a consent or waiver before getting it!

Butch Fajardo says:

When they say vaccine, it must mean that one can not be infected by it anymore. It's not a vaccine when you won't die and can get infected again! And a vaccine with 5,000 side-effects is not a vaccine! These experimental drugs they call vaccines are the worst experimental drugs forced on people to take!

ToTreatCovid19ClickOnMyBloglink. says:

Covid 19 or it's variants will never be fatal for any one and the patient never need to be hospitalized if the patient strictly follows a particular diet plan during the covid 19 infection, click over the budhha image and see the description box of the given video. It is my two decades experience of the hellish pain of pneumonia and inflammation . There are thousands of species of living things on earth, covid 19 is only fatal for humans, why? most of the animals never face inflammation severely like humans. why? Some patients have been facing long covid and some of them still didn't get rid of it completely. Why? A human body takes 15 days to get immunity against any virus but many covid patients didn't get immunity against it even after one and a half year later too. Why? The other thing, covid 19 is fatal only for 1 or less than one percent of the infected people, while 99 percent get survived with it and if the patients who are severely affected get ventilator and other facilities on time then the mortality rate would be less than that, so the main thing that has been killing the people it is not the virus directly, it is the severe inflammation. Who he survived this severe inflammation doesn't need to be afraid of any sort of covid 19 or it's variants. See the description box of the given video, it answers, all these questions..dear friends I was a very severe patient of pneumonia and inflammation and it's been three years and I won't face neither pneumonia nor inflammation now. but I follow my diet plan very very strictly..I want to ask the doctors, why don't I face pneumonia now, is the pneumonia virus no more exist in the atmosphere? If not then why? I tell you the reason because now my body doesn't act overwhelmingly on pneumonia virus thus if the patient's body doesn't act overwhelmingly on covid 19 virus he never faces inflammation overwhelmingly and he is safe.<<<<|||||\÷÷÷{{{}}}

beishui bairen says:

CCP's sin
COVID-19=nanobot and brain-computer interface

Traian Danciu says:

Why not,increase mucoseal respiratory secretion with acetilcysteine and swalow bronhofaringeal secretion.
May be at gut immunogenesis of IgA secretory antibody occur and can protect all mucoseal surfaces?

Tom wong says:

Corona 19 pox is a sexual disease with animal
monkey pox
corona pox
chicken pox
swine pox
gonoria pox
Phyllis pox
gain of function between male pedarast sex and animal

Rab bit says:

Don't understand why woman is the one that are always more wise and strong during crisis and man most of the time turn to alcohol. Wonder why God have created so many men that are losers. And my father is also one.

Jinxanpeanut says:

My healthy immune system kicked it out in 7 days, no vaccine, My 75 year father has had it twice now, the first time he was hospitalised because Doctors failed to treat his bacterial bronchitis, he said he overheard things there that made him refuse the vaccine when it came around, Our entire family then contracted Omicron, the only one still ill after 7 months is my vaccinated brother. Nothing added up from day one. Thank you for this incredible self learning, self healing divine machine, that science is still unable to replicate. Vaccines are the medicals industries answer to engineerings "Planned Obsolesence"

Hrvn n says:

There is no cure for Covid. The world doesn't even have proof of it, what it is or where it came from. I am surprised that they had testing for it that was 100% effective tests to be positive for something they have no cure for and then there are all these different variants. Frankly covid is ruining our climate by creating all these accessories for it.

cleanqueen75 says:

Some of these countries aren’t the cleanest places. Do these countries take health precautions like washing their hands a lot and sanitizing?

Mrs Mary says:

I’m still stunned guys for the hack transfer I got from maskoffweb I just received 10k few hours ago

Mrs Mary says:

I’m still stunned guys for the hack transfer I got from maskoffweb I just received 10k few hours ago

David Wilkie says:

Admirable Medical Researchers.

Robert Beck says:

It's funny how the people who were oppressed for hundreds of years… now oppress gays and women… cause you're sick uneducated weirdos..

Makes me think they shouldn't have been freed From oppression..

Ion E says:

I advice you to forget covid..and live your life!If you are young and healthy…juat skip such videos and avoid dangerous jabs!Enjoy your life without stress

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