I QUIT my 140k a year Software Developer job! Here's why and what's next..

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A few months ago I quit my job as a developer because I was burning out and felt that I was underpaid and overworked. This time I’m quitting my current job for a whole different reason. Watch the video to find out why!

Check out the new personal channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUJjZ3_wyAgVnMnp-6MSBOQ

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Alexander Melnik says:

So you now have time to tell us how you get the area under your eyes to look so clean. It's the only daily routine/coffee video I'd like to see.

GearGolemTMF says:

I knew that guy was a great big phony!


I mean, the real endgame is happiness isn't it? Isn't that what we all work towards achieving and embracing? I just started a good job myself and know i'm not done growing as a tech guy. I too would love to travel more which i'm starting to do, and finally stop being afraid of myself and finally try content creation. Regardless, I love to see a good story end. You learned to code to get a good career and give your family everything you didn't have. Now you have an opportunity to create amazing memories and experiences for your family and especially your children. I can't wait to get to your point in my life. You've earned it and deserve it. Congrats and be safe. Happy travels!

Kusasalakhe Hlongwa says:

Can anyone please give me tips on how to set an effective linkedin profile. I am still learning currently enrolled on CS50 and freeCodeCamp, recently finished a Java course on Codecademy.

Troy Gooden says:

At the end of the day, you can always go back to what you know

Experiment Lol says:

Serious question.. wouldn’t it be good to get a remote job that you can travel or No?

Tech Habits says:

Just wanted to say Thanks and many blessings on your new journey. I am a new to coding and CS in general and I am just starting out. In addition your channel is a great reminder that its not to late to change someone’s life. Thanks Dorian.

Fleming Tembo says:

So then what do you suggest is the best course for beginners so we don't end up empty?

paulo Tx says:

looks like, all programmers dream is to be a youtuber

Paul G. says:

The fuq? How do you get depressed about being a youtuber, after explainging what it does tor you?

Andrew Rico says:

we are talking about something that nobody had ever talk about yet i kept hearing the same story over and over again, and it's the "Developers delema" Why would I build that for someone else when can build it for myself. Althought this only apply to developers with entrepreneurial mindset.

Andrew Rico says:

I know what you mean, it sucks.

طــارق الكـبـــش says:

Explore Islam. It adds a prospective to life.

A. says:

I don't think changing your mind makes you a phony, it just makes you human. It's great that you want and are in the position to explore and pursuit other interests that align better with what you want for your life 🙂 And that you share all your process with us, that's sincerity <3 Thanks for opening up to us 😀

Zak ALi says:

Hey dude, good on you man! If you get a chance to exit the rat race, ofcourse you need to!!

Justin Singleton says:

That's the options you have when you can work online, a lot of folks eventually become digital nomads

Bishop Shaw III says:

Good for you. Enjoy your fruits of labor. Wish you best of luck on the new journey and direction. Always enjoyed your content and advice.

Blank Monet says:

Why not have it all on one channel? I know I can't speak for everyone, but I enjoy the mix of tech career videos and mildly personal stuff (like telling your life story and how you got here, the challenges you've overcome, etc) . Its all motivating. Wouldn't having it all on one channel bring in more money? (Im genuinely asking).

I guess it depends on how personal you wanna get, but Im probably gonna watch most of your videos either way.

tinyrunner tiny says:

was there since you had 200 subs btw 😉

Kevin Naughton Jr. says:

Best of luck Dorian super happy for you and can't wait to see how doing YT full-time goes!

Bagas RG says:

let's go dorian… just keep it up

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