What the 1918 influenza pandemic can teach us about the coronavirus outbreak

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The 1918 influenza pandemic killed 50 to 100 million people around the world. John M. Barry, the author of a book on the pandemic, explains what happened. And how the response to coronavirus could avoid a repeat of ‘the great influenza,’ or the Spanish flu. Read more: https://wapo.st/38TmrhD. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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JR Pacer says:

Covide is the flu just a stronger virse that we haven't had yet ……

Annette Kachovich says:

A pandemic had just ended at the formation of the Australian constitution. It meant that our constitution has a pandemic section that insures the people and government can deal with them in a socially conscience fashion. It's the foremost reason Australian has been so successful with covid.

LazerzZ says:

Update: we learned nothing

Not even the first wave thaught us anything
We just love being dumb

Sherbet_Bomb says:

Let's be thankful that we are not in the post WW1 era. No internet, no halo, no menu-log, no daily updates, no 21st century grade care and comforts.

Hovianishere427 says:

Hi mr stahl clasd

Arthur Ralston@wake up black people says:

Stop cohabitating with animals and this s*** won't be spreading from them …

Arthur Ralston@wake up black people says:

This so-called fake covid-19 pandemic for political purposes was nothing like this it's a travesty to even claim they were similar …

thunderdeed1 says:

Comparing the world of 1918 and 2020 is like comparing apples and oranges.

myname604 .FCKgoogle says:

What it can teach us is the difference between a real pandemic and fake!

Paul Broadley says:

Donald Trump is responsible for lying to the public. He wants only to praise himself and will not accept any blame.

jo pi says:

You cannot teach people who won't listen; and until they begin to listen, until they begin to always wear a mask and wash their hands, this Covid 19 will never go away. Why do you 'have' to go to the beach? Why do you ' have' to go to the mall? Grow up, stay put. This would have disappeared if everyone listened. But you have the idea …… 'NOOO', you can't tell 'me' what to do!. Soooo, It's all your fault.

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