The difference between influenza and COVID-19

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Dr. Jen Ashton compares the symptoms, fatality rates and treatments of the two viral infections.


Freddie Piras says:

So what is the difference

Sam Lair says:

In typical years past, the number of deaths from influenza was only about 1/20 of what Covid is currently inflicting. The comparison will only get more lopsided as the Delta variant exponentially increases.
Note: Covid patients who had not received a flu vaccine within the last year had 2.4 times greater odds of being hospitalized and 3.3 times greater chance of being transferred to the ICU.

Based on the people I know that are not vaccinated against Covid, they are, also, not vaccinated against the flu. And they seemingly believe Covid to be no worse than the flu. Though that’s partially true from an anecdotal point of view, it’s mostly false when you study current comparisons of the two.

I’m vaccinated against both — I taught public school for too many years to not appreciate how a new strain of flu (or in this case, a totally new virus and its variants) can sweep thru a population that’s lacking sufficient natural immunity. That’s why vaccinations are so invaluable, especially with the ‘genetically amplified’ coronavirus called COVID.

Duke Nukem says:

Why has the covid-19 virus never been isolated? And why are there no flu cases since the covid-19 outbreak?

Marc Hoffman says:

this is so bad.

T. Baggins415 says:

Lies & BS

Yannis Ch says:

Fatality rate comparison is false! Not even WHO is giving such percentages, smh

Shaun Grace says:

Looks like both sides of each point could be common flu symptoms to me. Hang on, you mean covid is just the common flu. Well call that guy who owns all the media, what in all the Gods names are we brainwashing ourselves with. Laugh, joking, people do pass away from the common flu I guess is the point to take out of this

Lila Tebangin says:

i cant tell if i have either one… i have a fever and a headache

Hello:) says:

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RockfishDave says:

You will not see this on MSN…
The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Rolling Over: The Number Of US Hospitalizations Is Declining By 1 Percent Per Day

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