The Art of Copywriting and Advertising with David Ogilvy

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I’m Alex Berman and you’re watching Selling Breakdowns. And this time we’re talking about the art of copywriting and advertising. When was the last time you didn’t skip the ad before the YouTube video you were watching, or when did you actually visit the ad page on a website and bookmark it or take a screenshot? Not that often, right? Now, when all of us consume so much content online, we’re bombarded with advertisements, but not many of them are memorable. One reason for it might be that you don’t need the product the ad is marketing, but another reason probably more important, is that the ad isn’t interesting enough.

“Don’t be a bore. You cannot bore people into buying your product. You can only interest them in buying it.”

The man providing this essential lesson in marketing is the OG, the granddad, the grand wizard of advertising and copywriting, the great Mr. David Ogilvy. Ogilvy is one of the original inspirations behind the show Madmen, founder of the Ogilvy and Mather advertising agency. People who in the forties and fifties changed the way marketing and advertising were done. Ogilvy is to advertising what Beethoven is to music, Charlie Chaplin is to onscreen comedy, or what Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan are to their respective sports.

The Art of Copywriting and Advertising with David Ogilvy

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Alexander the Great says:

1. Tell the truth and make it fascinating
2. The consumer is not a moron.
3. Keep researching and testing.
4. Catch curiosity and satisfy it with well-informed text.
5. Entertainment doesn't matter, sales do.

Butterfly Moon says:

Disagree about comedy. I think that's something Ogilvy did well.

John Adegboye says:

Great content Alex. I subscribed immediately! Dang! Ogilvy was really a genius. He was good at this stuff

Alex Berman - Cold Email and B2B Lead Generation says:

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Liam Carroll says:

"The eyepatch got eyeballs" Brilliant

Tsuen Films says:

i love the innanet

Minute Flix says:

who's the guy @ 1:22

karmveer brar says:

Great stuff bro!!

AndyThinks says:

"The eye-patch got eyeballs."


Bogus Shmogus says:

I bought his book after watching this nicely made !

Ismail Akbar says:

Alex in any niche in the b2b space are there any services you can offer that can guarantee client results for their problems. If you do lead generation using ads there's no guarantee you can get them results with cold traffic and if you do there's a problem that the client will have a bad sales system so they may not even convert. Why would then clients stay with your agency for long periods other than 3 months and how are you supposed to guarantee client results. Sorry for the long question I'm just curious.

Martin Messier says:

Great video, Alex! Thanks!

Paulo Galletti says:

Great stuff Alex, as always!

Mario Ronci says:

What do you think about the Harmon brothers ads , entertainment plus sales driven

mrmarkwoo says:

As always.

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