How to Reduce Weight During Breastfeeding/After C Section/Without Exercise In Tamil/Bashaas Kitchen

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How to reduce weight During breastfeeding/How to reduce weight after c section/ How to reduce weight fast without exercise video is all about a unique full day meal planning for nursing mothers.Nursing mothers need extra attention in their food in order to maintain their good order to maintain good health we need to focus on high protien food.High protien foods will build ur mass muscle and lower your cholestrol. so do check this video on order to loose weight While breastfeeding.


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Shass Ammu says:

Hot water kudukala maa.. Baby bathroom prb irukatha

ushen bibi says:

Pappali sapta milk supply koranjuduthu sis

Usha Rani says:

sis I am 2 month old mother can I follow this diet

Karthika Karthik says:

Breastfeeding moms banana sapda kudathu solranga sister…. Babby ku Mantham agum nu solranga… Sapdalama

Badusha Badusha says:

Mam galact eppati sweeta irukkuma?

Joncy Joedabeem says:

Now 1 1/2months intha diet follow panalama

Pavithra Muthu says:

Baby 2 month than aguthu sis…diet IPO follow panalama..milk supply irukuma ipdi diet Panna plz rly

poraiyar talks says:

Two months Dan aguthu baby born agi

Neela veni says:

Breast feeding mother verkadalai sapda koodathunu solluvangale

Veena Vipeesh says:

Thanks for the video

khushi Syeda says:

This diet doesnt hve all the nutrients needed for a breastfeeding mother ..a nursing mother shd include gud pulsed grains green veggies and muh morr
Plz avoid such kind of diets
By the way u cannot follow this for long

And try to consume milk at nyt

Kate John says:

Sister ,some one that is talking high blood pressure medicine, can the person drink green tea

abisha vkr says:

Fish sapdalama

abisha vkr says:

Feeding mother morning and ni8 milk kudikalama

Assain Sumaiya says:

3 month agudhu na feed pandra weight loss panalamah

Mohana Priya says:

I am also going to start this wonderul journey and i will reduce 15 kg & my baby was 6 mnth

ஆனந்த உலகம் says:

6 months baby iruku ipo Na intha diet yedukalama

shivaranjani sampath says:

Mine 2 months… Yenaku adikadi Kai kalu numbness aguthi .. shivaring agathu and yetho week ah ve iruku

Nisha says:

Sis ..antha galact name solunga sis.milk supply enaku kammi yahh irukuu sis … doctor consultant padii dhan kudikanumaee….or.. normal ahh breast feeding panravangae kudikalamae.

VSD says:

Kandipa weight loss aaguma sis

baranidavid2206 barani says:

How many days can follow this diet mam ?

s priya says:

Sis can I take coffee without sugar instead of green tea

Priya VP says:

Hi mam,is thr any alternative for eggs bcs i m allergic to egg

Nature Mad says:

I'm going to start from tommorow sis please keep on updating I'll follow u and eat please sis enaya 15 kgs reduce pana solirkanga I'm also a 7 month old breastfeeding mom

Jyothi Elumalai says:

Hi mam how r u nd papa nice weight loss journey tips

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