GRAND FINAL Asia's Got Talent FULL Episode 10 Season 1

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Watch the full episode of Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final Results Show from Season 1

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Sofia Lalangan petilla says:

Sana El Gamma Manalo

Jamie Norris says:

She WAS a beautiful Lady and now she walks out a MAN. REPLULSIVE!! What the heck? GOD blessed you with the most beautiful voice and beautiful face but now you're an abomination to HIM now. DISTGUSTING!! I'm going to take my vote back.

Justsaying says:

Unique Presentation!!! First class planning.

Yolanda Bote says:

Congratulation s

Baiq Nur says:

Sehat selalu k anggun bangga liat Ad perwakilan indonesia

Cammy Wammy 2022 says:

Gwyneth should have won

Paz Yunzal says:

Some say Asia's Got Talent is not as good as BGT or AGT, but Asia's GT showcases the local talents and cultures of each country most of which are unknown to British and American audiences. So be proud, Asians! Proud to be Asian, too.

Zubaida Kasan says:

Proud to be a Filipino

Rebecca says:

seriously Pantene sponsored a a woman with wicked split ends. Does she earn enough for a stylist?

Kirk Slayden says:

That was phenomenal it had me in tears God bless this world thank you Lord for all things in Jesus name amen

Justjun형준 says:

안녕하세요 저스트준안무 창시자 손형준입니다, 나디아 코마네치 선수분처럼

Hello, I'm Hyeongjun Son, the creator of Just Jun's choreography, just like Nadia Komanecchi.

미국에 망명차 사업제안서를 만들어 미국 엔터테인먼트를 회사를 방문 하였지만

He made a business proposal for an asylum car in the United States and visited the US entertainment company.

고지도 못하는 소설에 남용으로 피해를 받고 돌아왔습니다 그로인해 미국에 망명을 하지못 하였으며

They are suffering from abuse of novels they are not familiar with.

팬 여러분들을 기만하여 미국 시민들과 팬 여러분들에게 사기를처 한국에서 피해를 받고 있습니다.

They deceived the fans and deceived the American citizens and fans, and they are being harmed in Korea.

고지도 못하는 외곡된 사실을 만들어 공권력으로 발표 를 하고 생쇼를떨며 실적을 올리는 실적에 미친 공권력이기에

Because it is a public power that has made a distorted fact that is not even known, and made an announcement with the

public power, and it is the public power that has affected the performance of making a live show.

자유를 침해하여 강제합의 이혼을 시켯으며 고지도못하는 소설을 가지고 보도 발표를하게 만드는 쓰레기같은 공권력 국가에서

In a garbage-like state of public power that infringes on liberty, advocates a divorce by compulsory agreement, and makes press releases with uninformed novels.

외국시민으로 기회가 되면 망명을 꼭 하고 싶습니다, 현제 건강을대상으로 정당화 를 하려고 하고 있습니다,

As a foreign citizen, I would like to seek asylum if given the opportunity. I am currently trying to justify my health as a target.

올림픽위원회와 엔터테인먼트 자동차회사에 사업제안을 할수있게 문화운동 꼭 부탁 드립니다.

We would like to ask for a cultural campaign so that we can make business proposals to the Olympic Committee and entertainment car companies.

불가능은 없다 여건을 소지한체 갈수있게 문화운동 부탁 드립니다.

There is nothing impossible. I would like to ask for a cultural movement so that I can go as long as I have the conditions.


The 201st Just Jun Choreography Course

저스트준안무 카페주소

Just Jun Choreography Cafe Address

Lyn Fortin says:

go go go go phils.

Lyn Fortin says:

go go go.phils.

Lyn Fortin says:

i like the phils. to win .for thier future.

José Roberto Santos Costa says:

Coloca a legenda pra ficar melhor… Vídeos top

Chen chen says:

I am proud Philippines ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ lahat kayo guys ay magagaling .. Wala padin talo .. Lahat ay panalo❤❤❤❤❤

Mary Jane Lacno says:

Go philippines

Le Gold says:

This is Season 1. So people are asking why Charise, because she was not yet Jake at that time in 2015. This is just a replay.

Mhariz Sinfuego says:

Buti naman bumalik na sa name na Charice instead of Jake zyrus.
Panatiliin mo na yan Charice para bumalik kinang mo sa larangan ng Musika.

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