Intermittent Fasting + The OMAD Diet For Weight Loss and Fat Loss – THE TRUTH

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Intermittent Fasting and the OMAD diet – One Meal A Day – are some of the most popular diets for weight loss and fat loss. However, the benefits of both the OMAD diet and Intermittent fasting are usually over-hyped by “experts”… Especially in regard to how much fat these diets help you to burn. So, today I’m setting the record straight on both of these fasting based diets!

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Joe Duff - The Diet Chef says:

Have you tried Intermittent Fasting or OMAD? Did you like it, or not?

Analia Chyrnia Lisnichuk says:

There is a complicated interactions of hormones that the author didn't mention. Nowadays there is tons of articles and scientists speaking about it.
Inform yourself and listen to your own body.

P says:

The masculine urge to wax his chest. Bro just…Anil Kapoor vibes.

seattlejayde says:

This was great. Thanks for breaking it down in a real way. Thanks!

Sarcastic J says:

You're seriously going to do just a 5-minute video on this and not bring up any scientific evidence or what goes on in the body how things break down what takes place. It's kind of embarrassing sorry.

Scott420 says:

how did you get anyone to follow you

Ben Campbell says:

This is called growing up poor diet. I guess I was ahead of the game.

Floroma says:

U can train your body to eat once a day or intermittent fast. If you are overweight due to overeating, it’s worth training your body to do so.

Conny - Faithful JesusIsLord says:

I've done calorie deficit in the past and always failed.

McRaoul says:

Yes, the reason we loose weight is because we are in a caloric deficit, but a lot more stuff happens in the body when we fast 16 hours and beyond.

Keith Gopez says:

He’s not wrong interns of caloric deficit as it relates to Weight loss.

His lack of knowledge of the health benefits is because he has a masters in BroScience.

Lori Silva says:

I do it for the autophagy…if I’m gonna lose weight I want to shrink my skin…autophagy does this

K M says:

Good! I'm so tired of tricks! I've even bought a Keto cookbook and it was small and hardly had any recipes! Never again!

Johnny Carlson says:

OMAD is very beneficial to your body, besides the calorie deficit. There is more benefits of one meal a day than eating several meals a day. Proper research

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