What No One Admits About Chet Holmgren’s Injury

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Chet Holmgren will not play the upcoming NBA season after tearing ligaments in his feet. The number 2 pick was guarding LeBron James in a summer game when he was injured and it’s bringing up a lot of questions. Despite all the talk, there’s one thing no one will admit about the Thunder player’s injury.

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Grant Thomson says:

Can you do a backflip?

Leonardo Lino says:

This thumb… I'm laughing so hard

Let’s go bulldogs says:

Congratulations on 200k subscribers

NixxGG says:

Was this kind of injury takes long time to heal unlike broken bone?

H H says:

What? No one from the Magic has ever stated they "passed" on Chet because of his body.

Statix_bunny says:

Chet has plenty of time to heal. Thunder isn't in a rush. And another tank year will be great for the following season.

The Notorious says:

Oh so you're a doctor now?

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