Ukraine marks Independence Day under war l GMA

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In an address to the country, President Zelenskyy warned the holiday could bring “hideous provocations and brutal strikes.”

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Sunny Island says:

Happy Independence Day, Ucrania.

Your Guardian Angels
Are steadfast at Your side.

Double Dutch says:

Fully intended balls up , the plan is to bleed the West dry of its money , military equipment , food and energy . The Elites have planned this for decades . Destroy the west and its culture .

politician watch300 says:

Both the UK and USA tax paying public do not want to give any money to the Ukraine as its only prolonging the deaths of Ukraine citizens. But that's what Zelensky, Biden and Boris wants. The fuel crisis are due to USA (NATO) sanctions and nothing to do with Russia as they are still supplying gas through their pipes into Ukraine. Its the Ukraine who have stopped the supply (FACT).

Want more info:

Lawrence Foy says:

omgijoey [ triple'ing complexity mocking

) obstructon 082 of my citizen's arrest n my con victoins of offical usa government is felony treason ( preadjudicated convicted and sentenced TO any + all ) bringing anything to today [ 8.18.22 ) other than duty ( LWF.png

Juma Hadj says:

America is finding Ukraine with billions of dollars for weapons at the same time is telling all Americans to leave Ukraine immediately what don't that mean to Ukrainians?

Juma Hadj says:

That's what they deserve

Hebei Guççï says:

•Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,200 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days.

DEEP END F30 says:

Enjoy your last independence day nazi bastards. LONG LIVE GREATER RUSSIA

Chris Ward says:

Something is not right here. Why doesn't Ukraine nuke Moscow? Treat Putin like the Japanese were treated. Same level of belligerence

ValentinaFamily DubaiLife says:

Hope one day Russia and Ukraine will turn their guns against the real enemy

John Smith says:

Never did I imagine over 25 countries need to be a military alliance, just because they fear 1 country(Russia).

It shows Russia's strong leadership and professionalism of Russian soldier

Jeremy Collins says:


Chasse au Sanglier says:

Happy independence day with more missiles falling from the sky …. Kabooommmm ….. Congratulation

Tyso 1 says:

What take Russia so long they never capture the president or Ukraine?

Михаил Арошенко says:

* Just as the "Stingers" radically changed the course of the war in Afghanistan and led to the defeat of the USSR, so Excalibur (precision-precision projectiles), the new X-weapon … dramatically changed the situation at the front in favor of Ukraine. 45 thousand soldiers and officers of the Russian Federation, 11 generals have already died … The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the cruiser "Moskva", lies at the bottom. In the Crimea, at the airfield near Saki, in one day on 08/09/22, 23 aircraft and helicopters of the 43rd Sevastopol Aviation Regiment (half of all fleet aircraft) were destroyed or damaged. This high-tech attack will go down in the history of wars. There have been no such losses in the USSR-Russia since 1945. The whole world is discussing the details. This is a blow to the ambitions of the Kremlin, which lost to the new technologies of the war… But the biggest blow was dealt to the psyche of the inhabitants of Crimea and vacationers from the Russian Federation – the war enters their backyard… The "unsinkable aircraft carrier Crimea" is waiting for the fate of the cruiser "Moskva". ..

* NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that the Russian Federation has turned Crimea into one of the most militarized areas of the planet. "The occupation of Crimea is just the tip of the iceberg of Russia's aggressive plans. The capture of the peninsula has become the original sin of Russia's war against Ukraine," said Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, speaking at the second summit of the Crimean Platform on August 23. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressed strong support for Ukraine and said that the occupation of Crimea was an unacceptable act of aggression, a flagrant violation of international law. Similar statements were made on August 23 by the leaders of England, France, Germany and other powerful states…Polish President Andrzej Duda said he plans to visit Crimea after its liberation from Russian invaders.US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink expressed admiration for Ukrainians who firmly defend common values ​​of the entire civilized world: "We know that Ukraine will win!"

* 51 countries of the planet supply Ukraine with effective weapons, means of communication, money, food, medicines, modern technologies… Even China has declared that Crimea and Donbass belong to Ukraine. In the 19th century, the Russians wrested many territories from China, the Chinese remember this, and are waiting for the moment when Russia weakens in order to return what has been squeezed out … On Chinese maps, Vladivostok and the Amur Region are again shown as a historical part of the Middle Kingdom … It is symbolic that the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet was attacked by the Chinese drone Majin 5 PRO… Therefore, Russia decided to conduct military exercises "Vostok-2022" in September, during which scenarios for a war in the Far East and possible "gestures of goodwill" – the transfer of part of the territories to Japan and China in exchange to lift the sanctions. Anecdote on the topic:. *What are you doing for the future of Russia? – I'm learning Chinese.

* Roll call of centuries: After the defeat in the Crimean War of 1853-56. The king abolished serfdom. After the defeat in the "Crimean War" 2014-2023. Russia is about to undergo radical changes. Ahead is a long rehabilitation and retribution for the maniacal desire to rewrite the History of the 20th century, because the Kremlin has long been suffering from imperial "political schizophrenia" – megalomania and persecution delusions. The historical genetics of Russia is the permanent seizure of foreign lands and property, the recognition of someone else's as one's own. "Why do we need such a world if there is no Russia?" – said Putin. In the Caucasus, they answer: "Why do we need such a Russia, because of which there will be no peace?"

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