Trump FBI raid affidavit: What will be released Friday?

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The search warrant affidavit for the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home is expected to be released Friday.


Bob Dollar 937 says:

The Orange Pumpkin worked 50 plus years as a Career Criminal. He deserves all the grief and Legal Problems that will come his way.

omi god says:

00:25 – Why do so many news readers – whose literal JOB is to accurately report the facts – seem unable to pronounce the word "affidavit"? It is not "affi-David", guys. There is a T at the end, not a D.

Leaping Joseph says:

Another empty witch hunt. When will they learn they cannot bring Trump down.

jennifer wilson says:

You liars there was no legal justification for this raid

Jonathan Parker says:

Why wasn't it released yesterday when the judge oedered?

Alan Rowe says:

3 women, that's not equality!!!!!

Trumptolifeinprison says:

Why does obese Trump always looks like he swallowed a bird and looks so guilty?

big foot67 says:

You liers wouldn't now what truth was if it hot you back side

Tejano J says:

Why didn't Trump "just comply" like he expects US citizens to do? Inevitably, teflon wears out and things will stick to it.

Cavscout101 says:

We don't need "reporters" telling us anything, show us the information

Mary Lee says:

Bring Trump back

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