Space Mysteries Documentary 2022 Peculiar Galaxy Discoveries that Have Changed Our Cosmology View

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In our sun’s neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy is a relatively bright star, and in it, astronomers have been able to identify the widest range of elements in a star beyond our solar system …

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Stories from Uncle Murray says:

I had a whole bunch of people upset with me cause I referred to cosmology as part of evolution in a video I made. I explained it and was hoping to get some thoughts from the more smarter folks like the ones who watch videos like these. If it ain't being too spammy, would ya mind telling me what ya think?

Michael Wright says:

One of my favorites

Michael Wright says:

I love it…

Ham says:

10,000 galaxies from a 1st generation orbital telescope looking at a minimal angular aspect for a universally microscopic amount of time ……… imagine what the future holds

David Logan says:

THANK u for such a great film I appreciate the hard work u put into making this…
What I don't get is like that ☆jupi ter☆ person & others who I've seen have to try throw religion into it
Religion has a time & place… there is no need 2 bring religion up even this is about SCIENCE and the scientific studies of space NOT RELIGION …

Cristian Truţă (Mix & Mastering Engineer) says:

Pluto was, is and will always be the 9th planet of our Solar System no matter what those IAU retards say.

v DRACULA v says:

Great video!

Big Bear says:

Outstanding documentary as always!!!!!

David Hallett says:

6 20 see fee id variables

Dermot Mccorkell says:

stellar pulsations. pop pop pop

David Yancey says:

Space is a vacuum but earth sucks even more.

Richard Lee says:

I can fall asleep easy watching this stuff too. I see here that others do too. Relaxing I guess. But I love this stuff.

MichaelC Copeland Sr says:

I truly LOVE how it's not 100% impossible for the movie "Star Trek: the Motion Picture" to actually still happen. Go, Vyger, Go! As it should be

MichaelC Copeland Sr says:

Black holes effect time just like energy and matter. (Not light, no mass) We know, already, it can effects time just like it effects matter. If it can focus all of its matter to one point, by the same thinking, black holes are focusing all that matter into time. Pushing (or pulling) down, into time. Until pieces of matter (quantum particles, DUH) exist in past, present, and future at the same time, in time. Makes sense to me. Before you out yourself as a, "stuffed-shirt expert," know where I come from, crazy is a compliment. As it should be

Hunter Blue says:

It’s not just a theory it’s a idea !!!!!

ajcook7777 says:

Plz use the Saturn Rings narrator, this one tries over sensationalize the story too much

Emir Ben Aissa says:

Dont read comments. Go get sleep. We know why ur here

Jason Spades says:

Okay, we got it. We use it for sleep

Mitchell Stevens says:

I pick one every night

William Greenough says:

translation, newtons third law, expanded, ou vay,

Red Dog 70 says:

We believe that the universe is 13.5 billion years old just like we used to believe the world was flat

Morgan Hahn says:

too many adds

Jaymie Williamson says:

how is man so stupid?

Jaymie Williamson says:

it's quite obvious there's a lot of guessing going on

Jaymie Williamson says:

sorry to say shit will hit the fan when we merge with Andromeda galaxy/ Your talking 8 billion stars flung at 3 billion stars all on different course were worried about meteors

Jaymie Williamson says:

There could never be enough energy to inflate the entire universe therefore once the energy is spent the un inflated universe crushes our known universe back to a single point

Jaymie Williamson says:

the universe is collasping back into a singularity the opposite way it was formed. Were not being propelled were being sucked into a point

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