George Conway: Trump wants the affidavit to see 'who is squealing on him'

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Attorney George Conway is on CNN’s New Day to talk about the Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit ahead of its release. #CNN #News


DullOnion says:

Of Course, all trump cares about is loyalty, to his fat orange ass…and revenge if they aren’t. TRE45ON

Richard Demers says:

This is already old news. The only question that matters now is why this traitor, corrupt, fraud is not behind bars yet? What kind of justice that is?

S. P. Kooltrain says:

He'll find one or two things to focus on and disregard the rest. maga gonna jump all over that. Predictable

mrpositronia says:

Trumpy should do just fine in prison. He'll have plenty of prisoners being loyal to him, for whatever reason.

Brightfart2 says:

People STILL support Trump. WTF?

tehbakinblack says:

It's fun that all Trump has at this point is "everyone else is lying". He's garbage. I really hope they indict him. He has no defense.

Girth Worm says:

It's going to be mostly redacted and that's a good thing lol dumpy isn't going to find out who snitched but we are ALL going to see exactly what crimes he committed lmmfao

Spence798 says:

Anything that helps trump will be redacted. Anything that looks bad on trump will be ran on your channel 24/7

Sb 1 says:

News as become spéculations all the time. Don t you have in time news ? It will be breakfast news the day that republicans are going to jail on the day I’d happen

Whisky James says:

Yes, I totally agree with George Conway. But, Donald Trump will be greatly disappointed, because, Bill Barr is no longer the AG…. hopefully, they end up in prison together.

Phil Leotardo says:

I'd fuckin laugh if Ivanka was the snitch

James Taylor says:

CNN followers are text book fascists

Think Twice says:

The only info everyone wants is the names of witnesses.

Josephine Maniaci says:

Georgie is a tyrant. Kelly Ann…what were you thinking? You are such a "boy!!!"

Mary Dera says:

This is not going to mean anything to his followers they worship their Orange Jesus

Trial by Wombat says:

When he goes to jail, will Donnie still be allowed to send love letters to his ex-girlfriends Ghislaine and Ivanka?

tab w says:

Baby trump will be chanting hang Ivanka trump. When he finds out she is the rat. lollol

Spence798 says:

Nothing burger as usual

Kevin Cobley says:

George you need to see a doctor.

Trump the mob boss, son of a mob boss is never going to be prosecuted, not even going have a parking ticket issued against him.

He continues to run his criminal organization, The Republican Party, it's associated propaganda organization Fox, his street foot soldiers.

Trump is engaged in constant criminal pattern of behaviour, successfully threatening his opponents with his brownshirt army.

Trump is going to claim it's all a "hoax",

Why? because when he is caught illegally in possession of classified documents he's not led away with his associates in handcuffs,

immediately thrown in front of a grand jury, remanded to a federal facility as would a secretary, filing clerk or cleaner would be if found with boxes of classified material in their homes.

The issue isn't debated in a court it's debated in the media with the constant claims "we got him this time"

Nothing ever happens.

Garland and his DOJ are stone walling, knuckle dragging, slow walking criminals deliberately obstructing justice, they're "Trumpists"

Garland is just a Kevin McCarthy clone who wants a seat on the Supreme Court, thinks the way there is to help Trump to the next election, just like all his other criminal associates.

See you in Gitmo 24 if the US makes it past 22.

Aaron Bertram says:

Trump is choreographing yet another gabfest for our media. Sigh.

Ed Crane says:

I don’t believe the same people that have been charging Trump for the past 6 years actually have a real crime, it sounds like anything here is nothing different than any other president, except not hated as much as Trump!

KingWinky says:


I'm not your buddy, guy! says:

Only idiots would be so simple minded in thinking this.. Trump wants Transparency so EVERYONE can see how much of a joke investigation this is.

Farida Soemawidjaja says:

What kind of democratic and rule of law country should convicting an openly criminal to be this hard?

We The People Freedom says:

DeSantis still riding the red Tsunami today and drowns Dr. Death Fauci for killing and destroying lives while siphon millions of tax dollars.

David Clark says:

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1st week of September.
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We The People Freedom says:

Jim Jordon Exposes the AUTROCITIES of our POLITICAL and Government offices that work for We The People, yet destroy what we work so hard to accomplish in our lives on earth. We The People need to take control now. thousands of enemy and million strong.

Long Duck Dong says:

CNN= Trump 24/7

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