1 in 1,000,000 NBA Moments

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inward6 says:

Claim your here before a day ticket here

charlieqq123 says:

man, lebron really the goat. He can carry the ball, travel, flop, get the crowd outta the game, anything he wants. Damn it.

TheTissueOfJustice says:

Why would you put the ball on the ground when you’re up? You’re trying to run out the clock not stop it

VorTex says:

Simmons making a 3 or actually going onto the court is 1/1,000,000

DoReMeow says:

The fact that Ben simmons 3 is included lmaoo

V3YRON says:

It would be 1 in a million if you pinned this comment

Michael Grosh says:

LeBron James not the goat

R S says:

The NBA is part of the Woke Cult that is destroying America.

The NBA Hates America and Americans.

The only people they hate more are the Chinese slaves that make their shoes and other products they sell to line their pockets.

Player72 says:

can u post compilations without commentary

Stupid5363 says:

Reserving my spot when the comment blow up

kallmekyrie says:

when kawhi done the buzzer beater shot he was travelling in game 7 against the 76ers

Trace McSorley says:

LeBron said “I didn’t travel you traveled”

Bruh says:

Kawhis shot was conference semifinals

Countryball Gamer and Stuff says:

I love how he showed Ben Simmons shooting a three and making it, very inspirational

Jeffrey Marshall says:

No Mo Peterson buzzer better on the Wizards???? that will never be done again lol

Alexander Sanchez says:

When ben simmons hits the three I was that violation

Abdullah says:

Rebound wannabe

Tsikura says:

I never understood the big deal with DeAndre's non-shot. The time was 0.7 and it was still above the rim, the clock stopped. Even if time kept going, whistle or not, by the time he grabbed the ball or even tried to tip it in time would have expired.

Pooooooop you 3 says:

Yo look at curry’s beard in the thumbnail

Adan Galindo says:

Lebron said he didn’t know Kobe did that in tell he got on twitter

Andrew Travis says:

Had to stop watchnig when you called Lebron the goat

Bacon Plays says:

Dime is the best

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