US Launches Airstrikes In Syria Against Iran-Backed Groups

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The U.S. launched airstrikes in Syria targeting facilities used by Iran-backed groups. Officials say the airstrikes were retaliation for attacks on U.S. military facilities in Syria earlier this month.

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Claxiux says:

So Russia is evil for occupying another country but the US is occupying everyone like a squatter does?

Colin says:

That’s a war or a special military operation?

knight night says:

Ha, America version of special-military-operation, surely no one will put sanctions on America.

D K says:

Lmao get out of their country you filthy imperialist

The Riddler says:

usa is talking about Russia illegally invading Ukraine, the the F is usa doing in Syria then, they are illegally in syria and they are illegally arming those terrorist YPG kurds to steal Syrian oil and then sell it to israel

Hai Yen says:

USA is so evil and savagery. After WW2, USA started more than 30 wars in the world. USA created millions and millions of refugees and deaths in these countries.
USA, shame on you!

κλινικός παθολόγος says:

Stealing Syrian Oil. Should just do another Afghanistan and get out

bidigiboy says:

So much for democratic and freedom country

梦雨征程 says:

Wars in these places in Ukraine, which place is not involved in the United States!? Why do you care about other countries!? You say that they hurt you in the United States, and you can only say that you are too greedy!The United States claims that "these petroleums are in the United States (actually from the Middle East) worldwide in the world, and the Middle East does not give me, that is, it is not good for the United States and infringe on the interests of the United States, the United States will bomb them to teach them)."In the country that bombed other countries around the world,
He also claims to be a benchmark for global democracy and freedom of speech. He criticizes other countries everywhere ,you are not democratic, you persecute human rights … the United States is awesome!

Rancid Crawfish says:

Let's keep crying about Ukraine instead though…

Mario Hwk says:

Ww3 prophecy Albert pike
Israel vs irán.

Adam Based says:

One day American is going to step on a rake

哈琪那那 哈琪 says:

USA is the biggest robber.murder.

Burt Laguer says:

Under the guise of democracy, wars are provoked everywhere. Biden, a warmonger, didn't say a few days ago that big countries should not bully small countries, so he forgot so soon?

Atg Imm says:

Lol nice way to try and ruin the "deal" they're making with iran… the deal they ripped up

Bob's your uncle says:

Can we just skip to the end where Brandon hands over billions of dollars in US weapons to the enemy.

One Nation Underground says:

Yeah, more war. Great job Brandon.

MrPathorock says:

War criminal in action again

CBEE says:

Ok MSM, give a 30 second update on any war U.S is in. Cover more on Mar lago raid.

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