U.S. carries out airstrikes in Syria

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The U.S. military carried out airstrikes in eastern Syria, targeting areas used by Iranian-backed militias, a U.S. military spokesman said.

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Hai Yen says:

USA involved in subversion other countries’ governments after WW2. In exact, 27 times in total. USA, the biggest war monger in the world!

Hai Yen says:

USA started more than 30 wars against the small and week countries after WW2. USA created millions and millions of refugees and deaths in these countries. USA, shame on you!

Big YouTuber01 says:

The Wrath of God is Coming Upon the Face of The Earth

Seti Michael Maxwell says:

Hey we're allowed to fight for our freedom.

Joshua Rios says:

As a supreme net u are

Kim Cissell says:

Focus on that nuclear reactor in Ukraine.

Joshua Rios says:

Uiewhll they picked the card tuiewhlps okay ur card's

Arturo Palos says:

Wasting taxpayers money in an illegal invasion of syria.

Tiny_giant says:


Online Call says:

Remember the world during the Trump years, and look at what is happening now.

qiuxczy says:

why are they air striking them for no reason :/

Aerohk says:

Let's freedom rains!

I’m Joking says:

This should be the top story today. This seems important.

Superlative CG says:

Just as I've predicted.

Jin Lee says:

FFS, Americans waging another war again. When will this war mongering nation learn it's lesson and let others be in peace?

Greg Peterman says:

This doesn't smell good.

Barbara Fogle says:

Wtf are we doing flying around Syria to start with. That's just more Russian backed separatist

Richard Que says:

Seems to me biden trying to appease the saude.
No strike,no increase in oil production.!!!

Willis Scott says:

The treasonous traitor democrats are determined to get us in another war…
Democrats = hate, racism, useless mandates, lies, hypocrisy, betrayal, inflation, socialism, communism, enslavement , and most of all TREASON…
Want more??? Then just vote democrat… FJB

Cheesy Maccool says:

Member toy story and Andy's plastic toy soldiers?

Those look really cool, imagine if they would get their own spin off.

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