How to Discover Your Authentic Self — at Any Age | Bevy Smith | TED

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In a talk packed with wry wisdom, pop culture queen Bevy Smith shares hard-earned lessons about authenticity, confidence, mature success and why, if you put in the work, “life gets greater later.”

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Suning Chen says:

There is no true wisdom to the talk. Just ordinary motivational stuff.

molly lachapelle says:

Bravo!! Every word. I'm 3 years younger but so on point with everything Bevy shares and her wisdom. I'm sending this to all my peeps. Some wisdom just comes with a little water under the bridge.

KGW says:

58 & yes it does BIG KEY alone does not equate with lonely .. enjoy your own company. If you like you it’s CONTAGIOUS ♥️

ode caroline says:

WOW… I'm blessed ❣️

SoZen08 says:

I love this!!! Thank you so much for sharing yourself so generously!!

Philip Spatz says:

Love her. This is a great Ted Ex Talk….

Laura Aqui says:

Really great powerful, I liked it. Laura in uk

Maddy Pape says:

Excellent talk. I really needed to hear this ✨

Hhh says:

Best ted talk ever

Tina Marie Hentosh Music Vibes says:

Great perspective! Sounds like how I feel right now! Thank you.

Selena V is SAVED IN THE CITY says:

Remarkably I'm getting ready to go find Lil Selena and tell her “come on girl we got some work to do!” Thank you for sharing your story it has made a huge impact on my change☀️

Ambar Galvan says:

"Their wins have nothing to do with my worthiness." "Extending grace is better than botox."
I had to write that down. Thank you!

lorrie paints says:

Just spent three solid years doing this …realizing I’m a good person and I celebrate others accomplishments and they help me celebrate mine! Grace is a wonderful thing

Yusra says:

Question : how do you make people perceive you the way you want to be perceived?

rawle titus says:

Is this the Bev Smith who hosted a sunday morning talk show on BET back in the day?

Gerhard Kutt says:

Wow – She's beautiful !! From the inside out. Scary !!

Nadia Lemmer says:

I also left fashion because I didn't like the person I was in the industry. It was teally such an unforgiving industry – unforgiving for being yourself and and and …..but I'm free from that energy

Tiffany Freeman says:

She’s fabulous!

Marina Anna Canapero says:

I love this! Perfect content for my new coaching business aimed at women in midlife who are looking towards defining a new purpose

ThatSylishBabe says:

Love her, she is real.

Marilu Les says:

Thanks ms bevy just what I needed to hear this morning … I needed a jolt of reality!!!!. I need to get busy cause I’m 61!I always say my age I have major medical issues so I need to get busy Now don’t know who much time lift.

Darren Tippens says:

Whelp…..old, alone, and trying to make the best of it. Good for you.

Heidi May says:

This made me so happy. What a beautiful, authentic, powerful voice. Thank you for the vulnerability and uplifting generosity of spirit.

Davena Young says:

Bevy spoke Fire on that stage!!!!!!!!! I love her!!!!

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