How a "Hi Level" Mindset Helps You Realize Your Potential | Cordae | TED

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What does it take to build a legacy? Hip-hop artist Cordae tells how he went from mixtape-dropping high school kid to Grammy-nominated music star whose “Hi Level” mindset helps him achieve his dreams.

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Jaryn Covell says:

I'm absolutely in love with the new Album. I find it insane that he started to have a breakdown over it

Jessica Joy says:

I fully believe the message in the beginning of his song Dream in Color! "I think we all need each other, empathy that can be our advantage" I had no idea he had a TED talks, found this randomly.

st says:

First time I saw this I immidiately thought: INDUSTRY PLANT.

NBDY says:

This is what the puritans, pilgrims, kk- used to say was witchcraft. Any person in a human vessel can manifest anything however the quality or hz of the emotions will effect the long term Of what u manifest. If ur pure in ur manifestation. god rewards u. But Satan will fool u into becoming a person that is narcissistic becaus of the power u possess

GP says:

Its basically if you respect yourself enough to be confident you can do anything

infoaudio says:

What a joke


This kid is gonna end up one of the GOATS just wait and see!

Nessa Alexandra says:

“Remove all negative people out of your household” fool my parents are the negative.

Not Again says:

My mindset started shifting while watching , much better now

R R says:

It’s funny how all these Celebrities will tell you how to get “On their level” but will NEVER tell ya that they fabricate stories to seem relatable & come from generations of Freemasons!!!.
How can you tell if they’re Freemasons?.
They WILL show you thru signs & symbolism!!!.
The covering of one eye, pyramids, black & white clothing or checkered background, devil horns, butterflies, the Eye of Providence, the hidden hand (Freemason hand gestures & hand shakes) etc…
LEARN & KNOW these symbolism & you will see it in EVERY CELEBRITY & Politician!!!.

Jei Cynth says:

I care what Ja thinks… CALL HIM UP!

Roshona Hammock says:


Jennifer Ross says:

One of the best ones I have watched

Lucas Ribeiro de Jesus Corrêa says:

Nice man!

Majestic Dark Horse says:



I don't know why I just saw this. But what he said is right! I've cut negative people off and so far I'm doing good. Started to write my goals and achievements down, I decided to inspire myself instead of inspiring others with all my ideas, cut others off especially family members, sobered up, and slowly pushing myself towards the career I want to achieve. Like people say "It is never to late to change." When you do, you will see how far you've come compared to how far you were before. It matters how much you're willing to push to hit gold. Thanks for tuning in to my TED talk lol ❤

Yuven Lembvem says:

Where motivation is low, Discipline kicks in. Word.

Eireee17 says:

Cordae bringing the inspiration

Robert Robo Olszewski says:


trevor hoffman says:

Its cool he wasn't afraid to get outside his 'lane' as a 'cool guy' and did a great job on this talk.

Wayne Mazique says:


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