Hormone Disruption in Long COVID

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Hormone Disruption in Long COVID

US scientists present the potential mechanism behind the chronic fatigue syndrome after COVID-19. Let’s review their article.

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URL list from Thursday, May. 5 2022 16:39 PM
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COVID-19 and chronic fatigue syndrome: An endocrine perspective – PMC

Tissue expression of ACE2 – Summary – The Human Protein Atlas

Post-acute COVID-19 syndrome – PMC

COVID-19 and chronic fatigue syndrome: An endocrine perspective – ScienceDirect

Physiology, Cortisol – StatPearls – NCBI Bookshelf

Adrenal Insufficiency (Addison’s Disease) | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Causes of Addison’s disease: Adrenal gland disruption and others


Judy Fisher Shasky says:

I have a in larged thyroid gland the size of an large chicken covered with with nodules on the right but on right also on the other side.
I'm not exchanging air in my right with scar tissue in lower right lobe. covered with nodules.

Not yours says:

I started NAC 16 Days ago for LC. It’s has been a Miracle. After 1 yr of being sick I’m back to Normal

Vir McCoy Music says:

Try Nopales for blood sugar dysregulation.

Notyer Monkey says:

Incredible detailed and simplified breakdown AS USUAL

KA Fleury says:

Thank you for this. I've never had any such problem 'til the illnesses that followed SARS-CoV-2 / BA1. Honestly I can't be sure it was BA1, but that was the timeframe, before BA2 was reported. I felt like I had recoverd fully, but then another illness takes the wind out of my sails. I've had to call off work for flu this week even after symptoms passed, because I am so fatigued.

Susan Woodward says:

Have followed you since very beginning of covid19, and as an unremitting long-covid patient since October 2020, I found this to be one of your very best teachings. I will be taking this information to my primary care physician. Thank you so much for your dedication and professionalism and superb teaching skills.

Mark Givens says:

Fantastic reporting – thank you for this, could be very timely. And can this wax and wane based on menstrual cycle? And for most women, when is it worst? Does menopause have an impact? Lastly, how does it compare with “long Lyme”?

tink_b.u says:

To summarize :


tink_b.u says:

I don’t have a doctor, because I don’t trust so-called education, but if I did have one, I would want that one to be you. How do I make you my primary physician Am my baby boys pediatrician?

tink_b.u says:

Now take all this information and couple it with constant reinfections and recombination and co infections, because that’s what’s happening.

cat fraser says:

I am thinking long covid is actually fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia has been recently proven be Dr William Pridgion be a herpies virus wich takes over when immune system is weakened (multiple reasons, like sickness, virus or traumas). Hence multiple antivirals are the only way out for a lot of people. Some peoples immune systems do fight it off but next time immune system is under stress it comes back. This protocol has worked for me in getting it under control.

OctoPologon says:

Has anyone had weight gain after covid and figured out what was causing it? BTW have long covid also too.

leopardappygirl says:

Summing up the last week's worth of your videos it now makes sense why China has a zero case policy with such hardline crazy lockdown trying to prevent spread. God help us all.

Corn pop and the bad dudes says:

What percentage of people who have long Covid or post acute Covid have been vaxxed?

Jeannette Richardson says:

@Maureen Olsen​ "Weight loss weight gain hair loss itchy skin skin rashes eye problems mental issues."
Begs the question also of shedding with women who have not been vxd but partners have, and they experience menses issues.

Jeannette Richardson says:

Think how screwed humans will be when fake meat and insects are all that's on the menu 🙁

margaret neanover says:

I think the one called ace2 is not the one entering spleen to flow through connecting to old cells to dump in stomach for waste. I think that cell was not yo Ttcg in sequence to white cell or a ce2. Once the sepsis analogy is done, you'll see a double vision of how others go bad . If the immunity making cells grab without relieving the old cells from body, it's bound to make a mess. If you ever notice, especially in throat and areas that go septic..or streptococcus…it's like having that create sepsis in another fashion. It isn't clear to me which messes up the other. Does the immunity cell go rancid after this bile assisting cell or the other way ? That supposed neutral cell must be bad before , or it wouldn't attract white blood cells or the other immunity cells.. it's not seeming like it's following it's DNA chain. That's why the thought mirilax would fit…imo.

Blittle Ing says:

Informative, thanks

Nz G says:

Just watched another video of dr. Been and have a question.
Hope someone can help.

I was positive (pcr) last week and since yesterday negative (rapid test). I have parosmia, dysgeusia and other symptoms but no fever anymore.
Should I take vitamin D or vitamin C? Do i need m1 or m2 macrophages?

George Sanderson says:

Is there a detox for these shots?

Books Inc says:

a korean actree kang soo yeon is no longer of this world courtesy of Shizer – HA & brain red goo. unbelivable.

Books Inc says:

today's case: a 6 yo old was Pf juiced and promptly contracted the video x 3. 3 times! And a phd, the kid's mom's friend, advocates locking down schools. lol

Shira Cohen Yoga says:

Thank you Dr Been, I appreciate your work!!

I just want to add, women have more complex hormonal cycles and changes, over the day, month, and life; which makes physiological homeostasis more complex also.

That is the reason we are more prone to imbalances. Not because our immunity is more aggressive, rather it is more easily aggravated due to many more complex hormonal cascades according to these various cycles which men do not have.

PSCavalier 95 says:

The Double Virus I had 40yrs ago seemed to cause Hormone Imbalance.

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