Gravitas: China's struggle to tame Wuhan Virus surge

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In its desperation to contain the Wuhan virus surge, Chinese officials are forcing citizens to wear “electronic handcuffs” and breaking into homes to search for possible close contacts of patients. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Sirius Black says:

Zero cases?? go dream ccp

mudshovel289 says:

I know others have said this but I'm gonna say it again…I love, love, LOVE how WION call COVID the Wuhan Virus.

Chee Ah Hui says:

Is modi down with the madras virus India is a demo-crazy and the running dog of morally CORRUPT IMPERIALIST USA


That is exactly what Austria did. Canada new Zealand did. Not just china

Prabhudaya & sons says:

In China, if you exist, you are under watch.

John Hirano says:

Close contacts can meet pets that will be killed.

Some dude on YouTube says:

Wtf china is becoming a prison, this is just nonsense.

Matrix says:

and they kill their pets


Just practice for the coming One World Government !!

John Doe says:

Best news said.. your freedom is zero by these type of govt.. their power crazy love for power… Paranoia sets inside their mind..
Questions.. who will check the health status of these officials, the police and soldiers??

Shreyash A says:

You cannot run or hide
Because if you're caught, you will be shot

4-UP says:

So i guess the CCP is immune to covid-19 that they just dont wear monitoring bracelets?

Prabha Shirurkar says:

Thanks for showing this news ..Hindutva or sanatan dharma which is not started just 2-3 thousand years is eternal…ye dharm na sirf insanonse balki har innocent janwar ped or pure nature ko pyar or respect karna sikhata hai…Ye isko usko kafar kehke neecha dikhana nahi sikhata, ye kehta hai ki sabhi ishwar ke priya hai usane banaye hue hai aur ishwar sabse prem karta hai saman saman, bina bhedbhav ke. Bhagwan ye nahi dekhta ki kon kitne smart tarikese uski puja kar raha hai..wo bass bhav/ innocent prem dekhta hai,,murti puja to pehle har dharma me thi,,,ishwar ko har jagah dekhta the,,,,badme kuch log hoshiyar hokar naye tarike apnaye….kya purane sare log galat the…..ishwar khuda tarike nahi balki saccha nishpap prem dekhta hai…bhakti bas sachi honi chahiye,,..aur kehte hai ki sabse pehla insaan adam tha jab ki scientifically ye proved hai ki insanoki utpatti evolution bandaronse(monkeys)se hui hai..aur adam and eva bandar to nahi the,,,,,Ishwarne sabko banaya..banate waqt usane bhedbhav nahi kiya..sabko do hat do pair ankh diye sukh dudh man apman saman diya fir hum tum kon hote hai hoshiyar isko usko neecha dikhanewale…Geeta shlok says:_ 1)Yo mam pashyati sarvatra….jo muze har taraf har jagah har disha padartha me dekhta hai aur sabkuch muzme dekhta hai usase mai door nahi aur wo muzse door nahi….2)yaschapi sarva bhutanam bijam:- sare drishya aur adrishya vastuonka main sanatan bij/root hoon, mere siwa yaha koi bhi astitva me nahi ho sakta…aum aum aum..Sanatan dharma me sirf parampita ki upasana nahi to sath sath param maa/ prakriti/ srushti ki bhi upasana aur pooja hai..isiliye ise purna dharma kaha jata hai…Jagadamb Jagadamb..Jai mata di..Isiliye ye dharma kisiko neecha nahi dikhata. Hum to jesus ko bhi mante hai krishna ko bhi mante hai aur khuda ko bhi mante sab usike naam hai, wo har taraf hai, use kahibhi koi rok nahi ho sakti maujud hone me..usake liye koi bhi cheez duniyame dusari nahi ho sakti agar aisa hai to use or us cheez ko bananewala koi tisarahi hota…ishwarne sab kuch sare brahmand apane andarsehi prakat kiye hai banaye hai aur yahi uska vishwaroop hai aum aum. aur wo sirf naam ya smart tarika nahi dekhta pujaneka..sirf innocent saccha pyar bhakti dekhta hai jo usake prati hoti hai.. Wo bass pyar chahta hai.jaise koi baccha apane baap se karta hai maa se karta hai, pram shakti ko har taraf dekho air pujo…quki wo har taraf hai.lakho dishaonme lakho akaronme lakho jagahonme bas usi ko dekhna aur pujna hi uski sachi bhakti hai….Ram bhi wahi Krishna bhi wahi, khuda bhi wahi,, Jesus bhi wahi…ishwar khuda pyar mohabbat hai, darr nahi…Param pita param maa sukhi bhava sukhi hai unhe naman..Jai Bhavani Jay Shivaji…..aum aum om.-..,&…….

Prakash M says:

Whenever Palki speaks,the Chinese and Pakistanis get diarrhea

embun1945 says:

China is the source of many mutants viruses; rabies, pig flu, chicken flu, bat viruses and all its 10 mutations of Covid-19 know as Wuhan virus, omicron, alpha, delta, xicron etc.

sendhil kumar. m says:

I see when ever it's about china there n number of Chinese bots in comments who tend to criticize Indians, very simple answer ,you shit you clean your own or you stink ,u stink but bring your nose to check on others do they stink is the worst one.

Steve Nolan-Hilton says:

Please do not feel sorry for these individuals. They have supported the CCP despite all the human being in camps not to mention many thousands of human being who simply vanished only for the rest of the world to realise that they have been taken to hospitals to have their organs forcebly removed so that the CCP can sell human organs on the world market to the parasitical rich.

SamUSA says:

Did you see the video of Xi Jinping wearing one? Everyone in China should follow his example.

Did you see him wearing one? No. Follow his example.

David Hynes says:

The Wuhan Virus is like a boomerang now its back in its birthplace. Palki is 100%

Marco Primo says:

This was once called a conspiracy theory and many laughed when it was spoken about……laugh now

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