Al Gore predicts impact of Democrats' massive climate bill

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Former Vice President Al Gore discusses the massive healthcare and climate bill passed by Democrats that will soon be signed by President Biden. #CNN #News


Leonard DiPaolo says:

This guy seems very Presidential.

Geo fromNJ says:

Gore ran poor campaign and his makeup in two of the debates were ridiculous, but he would have won had he demanded a recount of the entire state of Florida, not just certain voting districts. When he conceded on election night, I got the impression that he really didn't want to be president. His father wanted him to be president, but Gore himself maybe didn't.

Cornelius Pluntfarb says:

And to think there are idiots out there who believe and trust politicians.

Robert Nussberger says:

Man made global climate change is a fraud

Robert Nussberger says:

He's super serial

Saul Job says:

My thing is, to who does the huge sum of money goes to?

Dave Apple says:

Big Al is a FRAUD. The Earth is in a warming period ….during the END of an Ice Age. Spend a few hours HONESTLY studying this and you will see what these people are trying to do to America and the rest of the world. Look up ESG ratings while you are at it. Follow the money.

Zack Brumis says:

Too little, too late.
We’re doomed!

David Chapman says:

How can you keep listening to Al. What happen to his 2007 prediction of ice free arctic in 2015?

ORkA Energize - conserve energy, preserve future says:

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Friend of Tellus says:

Hear, hear, hear !!!!

Konrad Schmidt says:

Isn't Al Gore predicted in 2006 that the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland would melt by 2016? And that the ocean will flood NY as a result? What an outstanding and penetrating mind. And a sincere, modest and selfless human being.

Fk Ya says:

Zero impact on anything except a military version of the IRS! Fuck I’ll be glad when we take everything back and own the courts!

Carol Landon says:

Al Gore, a great person, and great statesman. He was dismissed from American Republican politicians, Those lwho live for today .and hope to have our offspring live until they are also grandparents. .

Jasper Newcomb says:

If the politicians had any capacity to solve a problem we wouldn't be 30 trillion dollars in debt. Al Gore is part of the problem he has no answers and the only advice he has is bad advice. Solving our problems starts with retaking control of our own money and send the freeloaders, moochers, two faced hustlers and thieves packing on down the road so to speak because they need to make their own path now.

Auntie Nonimous says:

Al Gore is a climate control activist, not an expert, and still a politician. He is making millions on investments in the field and does not practice what he preaches.

Terra812 says:

Climate Bill? When was a Climate Bill passed? They passed the "Inflation Reduction Act" … and I'm waiting

Crypto Wally says:

The lifeless Cooper stare. Just watch when he is drunk. That’s the real dude. This is so fake

a molano says:

The one-half million dollar fence to Bradon's home in Delaware is bad enough, but Biden, Kerry, Obama, Gore, and even Bernie – how many huge homes do these "climate activists" own and how much energy do they consume compared to the homes of average citizens?

These corrupt politicians own multi-million dollar beach homes on or near the ocean front in addition to their huge primary residences, so they must not be as concerned about climate change as they claim.
If they really thought that sea levels were going to rise catastrophically, they wouldn't all have bought massive beach homes from their ill-gotten gains.

dave rush says:

both these guys are frauds .. global warming is a F-IN MYTH !!! END OF STORY .. 1000% FACT !!!

rick mackay says:

GREAT chat Anderson and Al. When I see the decadence of DONNY BOY. They should of blown it up with him in it. cheers

George Lennon says:

Been feeling it since this new administration took over about $600 more a month in expenses like groceries from $100 a week to almost $200 a week and gas that's doubled also

Tim Allen Biker Boy says:

Gotta line the pockets of the lobbyists in the green energy industry too. These people don’t give a damn about the climate more than china does. They care about money.

Zenzen T says:

Let me tell the people who are Cnn MSN educated I don't Cnn MSN for the same reasons I don't eat from a toilet

Zenzen T says:

I used to like al untill I found out he is the largest tabaco grower in the world So sure niw he wants to save the planet why he don't give all his money he made poluting the planet

Ted Walker says:

To bad all of our efforts to stop climate change will be off set by the Russian war with Ukraine.

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