Urgent Messages from Italians in Coronavirus Quarantine

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Terrified residents of Italian cities record messages to themselves 10 days ago, when the pandemic hadn’t yet killed 1,809 people and infected more than 24,000 across the country. The messages serve as a disturbing warning from the future—especially for the United States, which is expected to be just a week behind Italy in the progression of the novel coronavirus. Read more: https://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/608113/italy-coronavirus/

“10 Days” was directed by Olmo Parenti. It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.

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PizzaBagel48 says:

It’ll be over soon……..2 Years later the same garbage being peddled. The same fear mongering. Small businesses destroyed. Astronomical uptick in deaths by suicide, overdosing and preventable cancer screenings shut out by e lockdowns. Small businesses destroyed. The largest transfer of wealth in history from the lower and middle class to the super wealthy. History will judge this shameful time.

jleakakos says:

How much were you paid to put out this propaganda film? That's pretty scummy of you to capitalize on this.

D. S. says:

This is definitely a campaign with hired actors. This doesn't fit the sentiments of the Italians I'm friends with online. They are all protesting the restrictions in large numbers, and even the police are siding with them.

Antonio Futura AZMA Tiani e lo mio figlia Lucia says:

Non mi capire la lingua proprio sfortunatamente. Essi consegnato gli messaggi e commenti molto bene. Cin cin. Covid-19 la stessa qui nei UK, Manchester. Buon fortuna. Doloroso. Miseria. Depressione. Antonio Jacqui Lucia.

Land Voyagers says:

so, same shit in Italy again now 😀

Julie McElmurry says:

Rewatched this today, one year later. Seems like a long time ago when I watched with fascination the first time.

ZACH says:

Damn, can’t believe it was nearly a year ago when I first watched this… hope everyone’s doing well

Lorenzo Passero says:

And we're not in a lockdown anymore but the situation is still quite shitty

Jamie Slater says:

A year later, and we all fucked up.

Carama says:

Yeah 8 months ago. Now we know they “The Devils Soldiers “ are lying to fulfill their evil agendas

Kirt Douglas says:


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Corrado Siciliano says:

I am from the future, it was a fucking scam but fools believed it. Keep singing at the window fools!

: : : : rigavitch says:


Minho Kim says:

I saw this and this freaked me out. Now I'm like "meh, wasn't even that bad" TRICK ME MUCH?

John Spinelli says:

And they ended up being wrong on alot of this..

Crowshill777 says:

Research Event 201!

Artificer Gunn says:

Saving this, for the future. I wish it hadn't fallen on deaf ears.

David Hernandez says:

Well, America didn't listen at all and looked what happened.

Samson Aduku says:

Ruff orb door yo

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