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Biologist Thor Hanson is back to answer even more of the internet’s burning questions about biology. What even are murder hornets? Do female mammals get monthly periods? Is it possible to bring back extinct species? Is coral really an animal? Thor answers all these questions and much more!

Read THOR HANSON’s book Hurricane Lizards and Plastic Squid:

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Tridium Master says:

Ask him if he can identify a women or if he knows the difference. If he does he would know more than our last Supreme Court nominee.

Zionist Lioness says:

Bill Nye meets Doc meets Willem Defoe.

Atticus says:

doc oc the biologist

Metal Rooster says:

he looks like a good cosplayer for final fantasy vii hojo, lol.

SuperSnivy says:

10:56 I guess that a better question would be "because it was already time for the chick to leave the nest".

Nick says:

This guy loves his job, so fun to watch.

Kai Duran says:

I want this guy to have a podcast. I'd tune in for sure!

Mary Rose Kent says:

I’ve seen a California Condor—I was in the Big Sur area and it flew over and down low enough that I pulled over and got out of the car for a better look.

MajaElliott says:

So relieved that someone has finally described the feeding process of a tick the way it should be, like an A24 psychological thriller.

Peter Byykkonen says:

I love his enthusiasm. I feel like I'm listening to a mad scientist describe his evil creations.

Shiny Shiny says:

I never understood why you type out a really brief, Twitter character limit version of the answer to reply to the question, you could literally just send them the video answer.

Henry KissJinjer says:

ok, time to groom and harvest ticks for their painkiller substance

King Liam says:

I wish this guy was my biology teacher instead of a fat karen

Samantha Strickland says:

I love how passionate he is as he answers these questions.

Papa Yosif says:

this guy is cool but once i noticed him whispering the last 2 words it started to annoy me. also goodluck to everyone reading this and then noticing it aswell.

Scott Jorgensen says:

willem dafoe?

LtSarai says:

I love this guy. I want him to be my teacher.

MrDryst says:

Thor feels like a wizard that shaved his beard and explains magic to mere humans

CherryJuli says:

This man was destined to teach people about biology

C. R. K. says:

Love this ❤️

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