All Events in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Showcase

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Hey guys, today i will be showcasing every event in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, there are in total 18 different events. Thanks for watching!


Dustin Nuttall says:

I don't the graphical design, just wished it was simulation based like previous games.

BlueNeonBlood says:

This game is much more science fiction than Jedi.

Francis Nguyen says:

It's amazing Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

ajuan hunnit says:

This game was overdue

Kenny Lallier says:

This is $9.99 right now on PlayStation store instead of $39.99 for a week

Нико Димитрий Полетаев says:

I wonder why there's no indoor volleyball

Clayton B says:

0:34 bro even lightning mcqueen is impressed

Stephanie Washburn says:

Does this game make u do the running like physical running instead of using a controller

blitz blix says:

man judo seems super boring in the game

Harry Templeman-Wright says:

I grinded the hell out of Beijing 2008 Vancouver 2010 and London 2012.


Kemana indonesia

CR 1987 says:

Unrealistic as hell. Prefer the old Track & Field look

Dread Pirate Roberts says:

Man, can't they just do Sports Champions 3 or something? Those games for PS3 were/still are really great…especially since you actually engage your body with the Move system.

Fábio Velloso says:

kkkkkkk this is a comic games!!

kisbey drones and cars . says:

This game is great fun

chowderpowder says:

This game is pretty unrealistic…
– No empty stadiums
– No one wears a mask
– Athletes don't wear a mask too

jordan McIntosh says:

I would like to play with you online

KnowledgeHunter says:

they should made one like in style of fifa, nhl etc and one for kids (this one)

Bear says:

Só pá a passar tempo… Não merece tanta atenção!!!

Jay Wright, Esq. says:

It looks pretty impressive for a Wii game…

Jay Wright, Esq. says:

Wtf is this!?

Nikita Nikitin says:

Since when do we have every sport as mixed? Rugby caught me completely off guard. Seems so unrealistic and dull

Joey X Smith says:

Women and men racing together in the Olympic. Ridiculous

Ian Doherty says:

Hate this… Why can't they make the games realistic???

R K says:

Was a huge fan of International Track and Field back in the day and I downloaded this yesterday. Actually, it’s a lot of fun. The cartoon characters and youthful tone of the game isn’t as bad as I thought it would be if you’re just looking for a fun, casual game to play by yourself or with friends. Whilst not too realistic I think I like the arcade style. Would be nice to have a proper ‘realistic’ athletics game at some point though.

Brandon says:

They need to make winter olympics with hockey

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