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What would our world look like if the dinosaurs still ruled over it? ‘The New Dinosaurs’ by Dougal Dixon asks this very question.

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Around 66 million years ago, an asteroid struck our planet and triggered a mass extinction that wiped out all non-avian dinosaurs. But, what if it hadn’t? This theoretical timeline is the subject of the speculative zoology book ‘The New Dinosaurs’ — written by Dougal Dixon, who popularized speculative zoology with a trilogy which also includes ‘After Man’ and ‘Man After Man.

Dixon’s work influenced other series you might know like the Future is Wild, and C. M. Kosemen’s ambitious ‘All Tomorrows.’ But ‘The New Dinosaurs’ is unique in how imagines not the future — but an alternate form of the present. So, for this entry into the archive, we’re going to catalog this other world Dixon conceptualized — bearing in mind some of the science is a bit outdated, and it’s of course impossible to know exactly what such a timeline would look like.

Think of this book — and by extension, this video — as just an interesting guess. A thought experiment where we imagine the great asteroid was just another flash of light in the sky, and over the next several million years, a dawn rose on a new order of dinosaurs.

0:00 The New Dinosaurs
1:22 Africa
3:00 Europe
4:02 North America
4:59 South America
5:52 Asia
7:13 Australia
8:21 Oceans
9:36 Outro

All book credit goes to the brilliant Dougal Dixon, please support his amazing work!
Website: https://www.dougal-dixon.co.uk/

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Curious Archive says:

Correction to this video I posted earlier but seems to have vanished: the modern chicken isn't the most closely related species to the T-Rex more than any other bird is. This piece of misinformation comes from a common misinterpretation (which I am also guilty of) regarding a study of collagen in a T-Rex's leg bone.

Carpediem06 says:

nothings – dinosaurs, turtles, jellyfish and fish are around as they were then.

Jody sams says:

There still here dinos

Chase Waltman says:

Bro what is the cover

Sue Meade2 says:

That's dumb!

Tallacus says:

King Kong 2005 had my favorite speculative dinosaur evolution, the V Rex is my spirit animal


Science alert, they didn't go extinct at all, They are among the most well spread animal kinds on the planet. Most people call them birds now, but they are also still dinosaurs.

Fiona Gibson says:

Why do so many of them have fur? WHY DO SO MANY OF THEM HAVE FUR? Dinosaurs are not mammals!

Alin Vornicu says:

I love those creatures

xiki says:

Sorry but the trex can't be the ancestor of the chicken more the raptor or raptor like dinosaur it's only because scientist see a fing with a collagène part

Jerod Overfield says:

I was hoping for dinosaur people at least a type 1 civilization of dinosaur people and the poor T-Rex losses Small Arms it would have been way better if we had T-Rex people instead of the arms getting smaller they get bigger just like a bodybuilder Pumping Iron at the gym riding on giant Harley-Davidsons

Xflaz12 ` says:

It's just "your normal animal but lizard!"

wizardoflizard says:

why all the water dinos look like they came

from subnautica

Ricky Discord says:

remember when they say that dinos are birds? this is almost as bad as the today's birds turning back into dinos. but there mostly terror birds. and if some of you are wondering what I'm talking about. the answer is Serina. sure once in awhile there's a bit creativity. but that's how far it can go.

slender slime says:

sprintasaurus looks like a obama meme


This book is pretty much

"You know what? F*ck you undinosaurs your dinosaurs"

Damien Steiner says:

Uhhh they didn't go extinct they are called 'BIRDS now'. Patently evolution bypassed others though. This has/is a constant source of delight for myself. Every bird you see is a dinosaur & it's as simple as that. We are great apes. I suggest that you watch the excellent Aron Ra's Taxonomic series which will clear this matter up for you. If you want fantasy scenarios get yourself a case of religion.

Tömör Bataar says:

According to molecular clock studies mammals already diversified into the major groups we have today before the dinosaurs went extinct. The idea of the one mouse-like survivor diversifying into mammal species today is a myth. There seems to be a trend for mammals being able to compete with dinosaurs in their respective niches due to evolutionary advantages, the dinosaur extinction however supercharged this trend and opened up megafaunal niches free of competitors for the mammals.

A true "The New Dinosaurs" should probably contain mammal megafauna competing with dinosaurs, but Dougal had little imagination beyond copying real mammal species unfortunately.

RainbowDemon503 says:

honestly the worms are the most confusing. Didn't snakes already exist along the dinosaurs? or is it crocodiles I'm thinking about?

Mr. Green says:

Evolution isn't real

Mrenderboyo Prime says:

Well they would obviously evolve into humans who lay eggs and are ruled by an evil dennis hopper

jbroti 004 says:

I like speculative zoology but this is just dumb.



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