I Created The Most DEADLY VIRUS! | Plague Inc

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I Created The Most Deadly Virus in Plague Inc gameplay | The Frustrated Gamer is playing a new game called Plague Inc Evolved today. See if I can created the worst virus in the history of the world and destroy planet earth like I do in Solar Smash gameplay! Let’s play Plague Inc game with The Frustrated Gamer!
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Dr. Aamir says:

I have the dengue virus bc I am coughing

Jan Prokorát says:

it should be deadliest bacteria

Avocado Jaem says:

brandon look you infected me

rekdyou says:

Lol I laughed so hard that,he just didn't notice that there are so many red bubbles to pop

Praveen Chirag says:

Brandon play babbybus games

tornado alley says:

I live in the uk

Jonal Bautista says:

You the best

megha Pardeshi says:

Is this real Brandon or fake

Adam says:

Play the eternal cylinder


I love your video I’m a fan and a play plaque inc

little bro says:

i think i have the dingis firise

Nicole Davis says:

ngl AMOGUS virus would be better

The Great Shiam says:

I unlocked every gene and have ccure

Unlocked says:

Don't and upgrade symptoms til you are almost fully infected

Harry Simpson says:

I'm in uk

Mr shark says:

I want this game

Manju Sharma says:

srg qwerty crime se ho rahi
ho pata chale tumhari baat kisi kisi uji
kompetensi kepala sekolah
dan sel kanker prostat yang didukung pemerintah dan
sel kanker payudara secara alami
cara alami yang akan anda pasang iklan baris gratis

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