My hunger has been initiated

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Christina Bernat says:

WUF WUF sexy walk and great figure!

Stephanie Sallie says:

ecklestein!!! LMBO

JeepMiniMowerGuy says:

Please come back to Twitter. I've been preparing our base to tweet with you about humor. We miss you. We love you. Markandamanda2013 is my handle. My wife and I are tweeting you!

Fun 4Life says:

You look amazing. Sending you love….

Lisa Gibson says:

Look so beautiful ❤

Desiree says:

Let me know if you need an assistant to your assistant.

Amy Gresl says:

The Pew wasn't leading error 404. Hi Roseanne!

Kat c says:

Omg so skinny stay healthy you look fabulous

sleepy house says:

Tiger Queen!

Mother on The Watch says:

What happen to the pew

Free says:

What is the purpose of this idle talk ??? More psycho babble?

Joshua Brown 2040 says:

So revolt……

journalistethics dotcom says:

And when a fake berg is added on to billionaires, it signals the big 300, right gorgeous?

michael taylor says:

I know Cherry Adams. She used to do your hair when you lived in Brentwwod. I've always liked your show and I like that you speak the truth. Take care stay healthy.

S2daUZ says:

You look amazing!

Holz and Our Tribe says:

Lady you look like the Goddess you are

Rockymtn redwing says:

OMG Hottie! You look amazing Roseanne! Are you doing Keto or IF? Please inform Thanks, Andrea

Eugene says:

You are either fasting or dying I hope it's the former you're looking great Roseanne.

Diane Hutchinson says:

Deception Bytes must have had a good program Sat night, couldn't open, said — private, problems with server earlier ? Anyone follow her?

Maureena Romero says:

Ms Roseanne -I burst into tears when I saw this ! You look MAGNIFICENT .thank you for sharing this with me !

Kathleen Parr says:

Shabbat Shalom!

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