Fat assistant

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Desiree says:

This is the best video on the internet.

Kamdan says:

Well if that ain’t the big FAT pot calling the kettle black!


Love a support system hehe

Yvonne M says:

The only funny thing about her, is that she thinks she is funny….

lmcwill0502 says:

Diet coach? LOL

Joanna Council says:

Your Secret thoughts is what got you in trouble be nice Rosie

Tracey Dorvin says:

HILARIOUS as usual. I just Looooove U!!

Debbe Long says:

Lol. I'm 100 pounds, I'll help you ❤

Gerry Dabney says:

thats mean………but funny!

Now & Then says:

Love the way you make your points !! Funny too !!

Mama BearHeart says:

Youre a funny chick

Royallamonique cosmicheavyenergyrainbowgold says:

Sounds good

Julie Onyx says:

Cus you’re raising the “Barr”
And it’s good for her.


Rosie- I know what you did there. And you couldn’t keep a straight face. Too funny, but probably too high above most people’s heads. Nice job worlds worst dictator.

Stacie R says:

I need to loss some can I have a job!!! But I need to loss 25 !!!!

Simone Conscious observer says:

Being fat is a symptom of other stuff! Ya eating crap food is part of the reason for being a fatty. (I am an ex fatty transformed to tubby lol) Excess weight is also a symptom of not processing emotions for example. Many of us are emotional eaters for example. As above so below comes to mind. As we become aware of the upper world's influence upon us we begin to perceive in 'our' world is a mental contruct that is is. Change the was you look at the world and the world around you changes…Now let's stop eating at Mickie D's. Muah

Rebecca S. Lancaster says:

You're so funny!!! Control other people's choices?? You are NOT like other American Corporations (Thankfully!). MY INTERPRETATION; "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin Franklin.  Please let that SINK in. Remember what inspired you to LOOSE!   Did you like being called FAT?

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