Are There Other Options to Treat Breast Cancer Rather Than Chemotherapy?

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Wondering if breast cancer can be treated without chemotherapy? In this video, Dr. Jennifer Griggs explains everything you need to know about the different options to treat breast cancer without chemotherapy.
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Carolyn Small says:

Hi. Im having stomach issues for the last 3 days after my chemo treatment. I have been drinking ginger tea?

gauri kris says:

would like to know dfs and os for t3nomo breast cancer which is her2 positive for a 70 year old women.i have never seen much information on t3nomo subgroup.also I'm scared since my mom is on neoadjuvant chemotherapy is there any possibility for it to be metastatic during treatment from stage 2b

Carolyn Small says:

Good morning everyone!! Praying for stronger vibes today!! Happy Monday!!

ST Channel says:

This was very interesting. Thank you very much

B D says:

Thank you for this very informative video

Copache15 says:

Hey I didn’t watch the vid but I’ll leave this here. Cancer cells are “addicted” to iron. They can make you anemic if you have too many. One thing that you can take to eliminate iron outside your main circulatory supply is to take wormwood with black walnut. Wormwood is a 5,000 year old plant, not a drug; it is much safer than chemotherapy (although combination therapies exist) and results in almost no healthy cell death while outcompeting cancer cells for their growth source (iron). If I got cancer it is the first thing that I would take for two weeks. Also kills viruses. This is advice for family not an ad.

D Q says:

Does Multifocal micro-invasive ductal carcinoma require chemotherapy? pT1mi(m)pN0(sn), Thanks!

Anusaya Kudhekar says:

My mother is going to take her 3rd chemo but she is refusing to take it bcoz it's very painfull can u plz tell me how to reduce pain after chemo her age is 53 plz rly

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