5 Things I've Learned as a Software Engineer

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Half-Ass says:

The very first thing I learned.
A dev's best friend is a great QA.
A dev's worst enemy is a bad QA.

Abdullah Almosalami says:

Number 2 is something I really should've taken to heart a long time ago. Trying to learn all the frameworks before feeling comfortable with working in the environment is a big mistake and time waster. Also impossible, lol.

iGetBucketz says:

This video gives me hope for my future

Neel's Tech Show says:

Yeah. I think that experience is much more valuable then set skills learned on YouTube, Udemy or a classroom.

Also W jetbrains sponsorship. Love their products, I’d love to be sponsored by them one day

Natsu Barbi says:

to #2

just wasted about 40h in a Udemy WebDev course and still cant do basic exercises without googling.
and with basic exercises i mean exercises I did in that course.. soo i guess i shouldve invested in doing it by myself beforehand lol

Tate Reategui says:

great video, though, the constant camera panning is super distracting

Du Du says:

I’m starting my first role in SWE as a Junior Developer next Thursday. I’m so happy about it. I should probably brush up on Angular this week – just in any case there are surprises! (They use the MERN stack)

SomeStranger says:

starting my junior year of highschool soon. Currently doing my best to start projects on my own and try my own stuff while coding which is very fun. Thank you for helping me find motivation!

I plan on studying comp sci in university and i really wanna strive to create things from scratch on my own or with a team!

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