8/19: CBS News Prime Time

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Catherine Herridge speaks with Ukraine’s ambassador to U.S. on nuclear tensions, and former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb and Rep. Michael McCaul on the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.

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Karen R Scott says:

They did hold accountable and did not raid hillary, obama, & biden. dems were not held accountable for the seniors that they neglected to help that ended up dead!

Admin 1 says:

I am glad we can help, but please remember that money is coming out of American pockets. We are struggling to buy groceries and to purchase gasoline. God bless you all. We pray for freedom for all.

Erich Korman says:

Why does "expert" Cobb leave out Traitor Trump's open record of exposing classified information to Russia's dictator? Archaic law gave Dumb Don the right but he broke it by never telling anyone what he showed. Putin's Puppet did the same in private meetings with the short, fat Asian despot he admitted having a love Affair with.
Interestingly Putin caught our only spy in the Kremlin two days after TT met him with only a Russian(!) translater present.
In just four years of the orange Fool's rule our Arch-U.S. enemy North Korea wasn't only able to finnaly build a nuclear weapon aresenal; They were somehow able to develop and deploy ICBMs with almost identical speed, range, power and payload as our own. Thanks Traitor Trump, each NK Nuclear ICBM is aimed at the United States.
…and Thanks Ty, lies by omission or sheer ignorance of verified facts make your assessment worthless

lacebolla says:

Fears at my buddy system

Jim Boateng says:

I know you are truly Republicans Ohio and Pennsylvania’ will loose trust me

Ryan Gibson says:

Shout out to George Floyd on 817 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals!

Terry Rowe says:

Im thinking CBS talking there way up on being my favorite news because its sounds like news i believe should be boring and facts no jokes thanks

Jim Boateng says:

I don’t know why Republicans are still spinning for him All impeachment he survived was because of the Republican majority They are not going to back out

Terry Rowe says:

Im always honest so i have to say storing weapons at the nuke plant is a very smart idea in war no one will strike that without looking worse than them i don't support the war but we must remember Putin is a well trained man and thats what makes him so dangerous, Americans we have alot of well trained men and women and he know thats why he doesn't want no smoke with us

Gonzalo Toyos carus says:

Todo mentira nos llevaba productos

Vince Harris says:

All weapons and protec. must be removed.. Olny workers should occupy the plant..all others out…

Lotus Bloom says:

Didn't Kobe leave her with enough money?

Sierramade 1 says:

We know why the FEDS went in with Court order. The case is not complete FBI needs to keep confidential until they take the Traitor to Court

Zounds Treetop says:

A reminder that Trump admires Putin.

Bryan Hall says:

DeSantis is a monster. That dude will pull a Hitler on us if he isn't stopped… And Lindsey Graham is easily the most spineless slug ever called a human..

Norvel Curtis says:

"You have the right to remain silent. If you choose not to remain silent, certain things you say can be used against you, in a court of law."
Miranda vs. State of Florida

Norvel Curtis says:

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis IS the government and a law that makes it illegal to talk about race IS absolutely in conflict with the first amendment of the US Constitution. And they know that. Makes me wonder who they are and what they are planning. Why did they make such a law? Illegal to talk about race? A sensible politician would not try to limit speech with law. They call it "Government Overreach". But what do I know? When people talk, I've never been the one to say, "shut up". They can get on my last nerve but I believe they have the right to talk, as do I. A law that prohibits people from talking. In my lifetime, that has never been legal. What's next?

Roger Wee says:

The worse news media are msmbc CNN fox n more always condemned trump trump should start one or some start n link to trump n the republican party. Amen. This are our observations views n opinion. Amen.

Irena Kaminska says:

English and,black Princess

Austin Winkelman says:

Why do you let Republicans come on your show and fear monger..

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