Starting a Peripheral IV Catheter

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Starting a peripheral IV is an essential skill in Emergency Medicine. Check out this quick video detailing the procedure.


Nguyen Trang says:

like the skill and the music

Nkechi O says:

Best video!!!

Meme Man says:

This makes me more comfortable for getting an IV.

Kabryn Dunning says:

This made me gag so hard I don’t know why

Shishkabob says:

That doesn't look too bad at all

Олена Зеленяк says:

This video is so useful! Thank you)

Julio Martinez says:

I hate the floor I work on. Everyone is dehydrated, old as hell, their skin tears, they get dialysis or have DM and their veins are fit only for a 24 gauge.

Nishant Gogna says:

extremely helpful. subscribed!

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