Russell Westbrook to the Indiana Pacers makes the most sense – Marc J. Spears | NBA Today

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NBA Today looks at Russell Westbrook’s status with the Los Angeles Lakers and possible trade options.

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Riccardo N says:

Myles Turner is underrated. Lakers should snatch him whilst they can.

James Baldwin says:

Guys it's getting to the point I'm not sure Russ will be in the league after this year. Nobody really wants him.

Empty Giddy says:

Jazz will only do Clarkson plus Conley for Westbrook and 5 first rounders

Malcolm_Rising says:

Lol if Knicks trade RJ they need to sell the franchise

Rex says:

Lakers fans in the media and on the internet BEGGING for a savior for Lebron.

77 says:

Dressbrick to the WNBA makes the most sense.

Rudy theboxer says:

Doesn't make sense for the Pacers

Brandon Roberts says:

Talking about an unrealistic trade makes the most sense

RedFace 707 says:

Trade Westbrick already sheesh.

martin krumins says:

Russ just clogs up a young team its a stupid idea. his best fit is on the lakers with more support, hes just been scapegoated by "the king" since day 1.

Jonas says:

Trading Hield and Turner for Westbrook and two trade-asset picks? Aren't these people experts?

Not Kenny Lewis says:

Knock it off

lobokop69 says:

Nothing screams 'championship' more than the word 'afloat' 🙂

JM CSM says:

Forget irving they can sign schroder then trade Westbrook for hield and turner or in utah

Vince Lovina says:

The question is if the pacers want Westbrook?

Geronimo Flair says:

Zero sense for the pacers, they gotta ride with Haliburton

gamerALICE says:

What about the future of the Pacers? This will hampered Tyrese and Bennedict’s development.

Sihle Ngcobo says:

Russ is staying put.

N&R Analysis says:

Utah does not want Russell Westbrook, period! Not enough picks either.

4K Definition says:

honestly out of all the trades that could be made, conley plus bogdanovic for westbrooks expiring and those 2 LA picks should be a nice haul for older players who are really only worth late firsts at this point any way. how many contenders are throwing 2-3 picks at conley or bogdanovic? that LA 29 pick if unprotected should be good value. even the 27 could be gold.

Vern Vartdal says:

Westheimer out of the league is all that makes sense.

Dante Fajardo says:

I heard the Manchester United were also interested. Offering Ronaldo.

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