Mick Mulvaney details how he saw Trump handle documents

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In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, former President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney describes how he saw the former president handle documents. He believes that although the former president was responsible for overseeing documents, he blames the chaos after January 6 for the possible reason documents ended up at Mar-a-Lago. #CNN #News


Big Bear Hungry says:

President Trump this, President Trump that. Not one word on how the DemoCRAPS are killing our country. Ir's a shame Liberals has no idea what's going on. 700,000 + Illegals coming in every month. Inflation, Gas prices,

kmitchell3008 says:


Pete Kersten says:

Excuse me. They were there. That's not intent???

Earth AngeL says:

Yeah he was too busy with a coup in order to do proper returning of classified documents

Mysterious Monolith says:

5:01 "final days of that Trump Administration were absolute chaos" 0:15 "we know the National Archives and the DOJ tried to get those classified documents back for more than a year."
So Mick Mulvaney, what was that excuse about 'final days'? One year later they hadn't been returned. They were at Mar-a-lago, so Trump had access to them, there is no excuse about the White House being chaotic and handed over to the Biden Administration.

TheBioExplorer says:

Sorry Mick… It isn't just that it was an imminent emergency. It was that they repeatedly tried to get it by just asking for them… and he continued to keep those documents back. After those several attempts over a year… HOW ELSE COULD THEY GET THEM other than go search for them and take them back themselves? These documents (classified or not classified) did not belong to Trump. Seriously they should NOT have waited that long. Also it doesn't sound like he was mishandling document just during the "last days". From what a person that was one of those that gave briefings to the President… he routinely tried to keep documents/images/etc. that they told him he shouldn't keep and that needed to go back into secure storage. He improperly shared intel with people.

diana gazzola says:

Considering all we know, how can anyone make DT look good?

diana gazzola says:

My question is, shouldn’t the supposed prez know that he was not supposed to remove documents? This is ridiculous.

Cvvb Zxc says:

One speculation may be that he had the documents there to run the country out of mar-a-lago, seting up an alternate government headquarters in mar-a-lago.

Helmut Mayer says:

Surely the documents flew on their own from Washington to Mar-a-Lago…

C&B Jones says:

Every time I see this weasel, he's always trying to play both sides. He doesn't think it deserved a search warrant but the FBI must have had clear evidence. And so on. What a worm.

Michael Bonanno says:

Trump’s an “informal” guy. Uhmmmm fart belch Those are mine.

J. Anderson says:

The "buck" stops with the President, yet these clowns make every fu¢king excuse under the sun to make sure the "buck" pnever stops with Trump. Mulvany please shut up! It's his fault, but it's not his fault. Smh!

Elma Aranda says:

He won’t get punished, he will continue, the ignorance of the people who support him is incredible. Sad, sad, only regular and innocent people is most of the time punish.does the laws exists in this country.? NO. NO.

Don Trump says:

2024 the year of the Don. You idiots have nothing on me as usual. To be honest I'm bored with it and so is the rest of the country. When are you idiots actually going to have any evidence to prosecute me. Oh wait you never will have.Vote trump you know it makes sense.

Joseph Baker says:

He is not the vice president. Get that through your head. Stop spreading lies and false rumors. Another ridiculous man. Another Antichrist. Talking out of both sides of his mouth. Trying to lie his way out of things create lies plan to see the fear. Nothing but Antichrist

Alpha Orionis 911 says:

Yawn….. wake me when the Hunter and Daddy trial starts…

Beachside says:

Mick Mulvaney has no clue what he is talking about. Eric's Dad took the papers and kept them. That is illegal.

Andre St Amour says:

Why is CNN always putting these Republicans who are always protecting the cult Donald Trump.

William Self says:

Wait wait wait hold up. This woman came on speaking about classified materials and what’s a crime. They were SILENT when Hillary got away with mishandling classified materials. Hillary did not have the ability to declassify anything so it’s not apples to apples. The difference is HILLARY is a democrat and Trump is a Republican. That’s the problem.

Joseph Baker says:

This guy is doing nothing but showing up again. He's guilty they've got search for us because this warrants a search for National Security of the people of America. You're just a goof. Always telling the opposite of the truth another one of them Satan's Antichrist. Feel sorry for you man

happy retired says:

Stop the lies, this is a Partisan J 6 committee,

dentrh says:

Even if it was an oversight in originally removing the documents he didn't turn them over when asked and his lawyers mislead the National Archives about the return.

Teresa Johnson says:

These people are not in office any longer. It is Mike Pence and not Vice President Pence. When will the news media stop reporting on Donald J. Trump. He is a citizen and not in any office. I will be glad when this is over. For the past 18 months, Donald J. Trump has been the news. Guess what? That is what he desired and the media has kept his dangerous presence alive and do mean, alive.

GeorgeJetson says:

Mick, “Just get over it” Mulvaney. The quintessential Trump bootlicker. Disgusting individual.

Trent Reimer says:

Times have changed since the end of the cold war. America again has rivals that develop weapons of concern. That so many people would rather see America surpassed (or even destroyed) rather than see Trump in discomfort, is amazing. Trumps' ardent supporters do not love their country, or even their own families, as much as they love him. "America first" has morphed into "Trump first".

happy retired says:

STOP the BS, how many subpoena's are required before the search warrant?

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