ABC News Live: Former Trump Organization CFO pleads guilty to tax fraud

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Plus, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky criticizes her own agency over its response to COVID-19, and heat waves raise the risks of fires across the West.


Nicholle Christine Edwards says:

Go round your Elite Satanic Cult of Child Molesters & get some pre teen girls to “service” the Truth & Lies away then go play Golf. Make sure you Selfie at Lord Epstein’s grave while you are it. DUSTS HANDS PROBLEM SOLVED COWBOYS!

Carly Ha says:

Odd that Hillarys entire gestapo
Always walks and then boom ,they go after President Trump

Carly Ha says:

Here we go
This is how the feds work
Set people up and threaten them .

Mobilus In Mobili says:

Tax fraud? Thats it?


Feleti Pula says:

HAHAHAHAHA; BIDEN takes tax payer's money to pay for climate change $750 Billion dollars and you arresting someone for not giving you money? Yet the Demonrats are pocketing money from the tax payer's fund? Wow Biden has a personal bank account now The US Treasury the hard earned blood shed and tears of the American people is now Bidens personal bank account? Jesus Christ Created the Heavens and the Earth yet America is going to fix climate change? WOW, sounds like funneling money. No one can see how you are using the climate change money yet some car maker is going to get funded to make electric cars and then since the money is already understood to be out now you are going to approve another fake bill under a different name to fund the EV car manufacturer while you pocket the original climate change money? Now you are going to say that you will be using the money to protect people from the coronavirus and monkey box? That is why you keep putting on the news that you are infected by coronavirus and member of your group is getting affected so it can look like you are really looking for a cure when all you did was lie while you were drinking tea in the office laughing at how you thought you fooled the American people to thinking you were infected with your fake disease? Wow….. Keep it up you might not like the end results of your lies.

Brian Akiona says:

Why is the DOJ listening to complaints from Donald Trump an original criminal associates about legal procedure and processes. Everybody and his brother knows he's guilty, duh ! Lock the Orange clown up ! Stop listening to his lies.

Lu Ping says:

This is all scam greed corrupt lies money is payback all inner circle should round them up that America will be great again

Lu Ping says:

CDC scam money from drugs company promoting vaccine all are corrupt to enriched themselves

Peace Brother says:

The CFO of the Trump Organization pleaded guilty of multiply counts against him on August 18, 2022. He will go to jail. No wonder Donald Trump took the Fifth over and over again during his deposition in New York. As he said back in 2017, only mobsters plead the Fifth. He'll say things to keep himself strong with his base, but sooner or later ignorant people will know the truth about him unless they're part of his white supremacy army.

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