Ukraine: Where is Russia's Navy and what is it doing?

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Since the start of the invasion, there’s been little sign of Russia’s naval might appearing – as many predicted – on Ukraine’s coastline.

Experts have explained to Forces News exactly how Ukraine has caused such caution from Moscow despite having a comparably tiny naval force since 2014.

Russia has a significant fleet of vessels based in the Black Sea, but so far they’ve mostly limited their use to firing cruise missiles from near their Crimea base.


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Circuitous 2 says:

Hard to believe Putin was NOT made to understand the strength of NATO. FSB were afraid to tell him the truth!

sogerc1 says:

The Russian navy has the right idea, stay away from Ukraine and you'll be fine.

Finet Deux2 says:

Let's imagine, there are three countries, America, the Russian Federation and a small African state, there is a prospect of acquiring a huge gold mine, what happens next, the minds of these countries are focused on getting this mine only for themselves, they take actions to make it only for the given, his country this mine. What America is doing is making efforts, but as few people as possible will be killed. What the Russian Federation does, it makes efforts, but many, many people can die, it doesn't matter. What a small African state does, it makes efforts, but death is also possible and in large numbers, for example in the 1994 war, of the Tutsi and Hutu tribes. Since America is the most sensible country, let it continue to be like that 🙂 "LET IT BECOME A WORLD POWER" 🙂 Why, because they are the best in their decisions !!!!!! I am just begging you, do not write to me that there are so holy and righteous people in my village, there is perfection here, they too are crooked. America is the best possible option. It is impossible to turn off human greed, and the point is that the wounded and the killed should be as little as possible. America provides its inhabitants with a roof over their heads after military interventions. And do not write to me that a small African state will definitely not commit a massacre of civilians, it is about to do so. America in its activities does so that the victims were as little as possible, each country is greedy for benefits, yours … (E002)

Universe is under no obligation to make sense says:

Russian military great at parades showing off tons of medals, not so good with anyone that shots back.

Mr. Satyre says:

Rusting at some docks off ghe coast of Kamchatka?

Jimmy Curd says:

No matter the stock market crash one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in Forex and Crypto which are really profitable

Peter Schulz says:

Reasons why the West is responsible for the war in Ukraine:
1. the West helped in the coup of the legitimately elected president on the Maidan with at least 5 billion US dollars and with payment of Georgian snipers
2. The West covers up the murders of the Asov fascists in Donbass 14000 dead 75% Russian-speaking people in Donbass according to OSCE.
The West and NATO
has moved further and further to the Russian border, contrary to their promises
The list is not exhaustive

Best Yao says:

The fear of the unknown

Frank Thompson says:

Between north Korea and china

Peter Schulz says:

Gründe warum der Westen für den Krieg in der Ukraine verantwortlich ist:
1. der Westen half beim Putsch des rechtmäßig gewählten Präsidenten auf dem Maidan mit mind. 5 Mrd US Dollar und mit Bezahlung von georgischen Scharfschützen

2. Der Westen vertuschte und vertuscht die Morde der Asov Faschisten seit 2014 im Donbass 14000 Tote 75% russischsprachige Menschen im Donbass lt. OSZE. 2014 begann der Krieg dort.

Der Westen und die NATO
ist entgegen ihrer Versprechen immer weiter an die russische Grenze gerückt (sogar in ehemalige Sowjetrepublik en)

USA Soldaten waren bereits seit einigen Jahren in der Ukraine, die dort nichts zu suchen haben

Die Liste ist nicht vollständig…

Glen Cychosz says:

The Russian military is pathetic.

sichere says:

The no smoking ban on the Moscow has been permentantly cancelled but is in full force in Crimea.

i Love Cops says:

Gloprey and Slavia Ukraine. Ukraine will soon bee defeetin Russianes. Glroious Salives Ukraiones!

Goreb says:

As always, thank you so much for keeping the video as long as necessary but as short as possible!


What this guys is saying is all bs


Ukraine don't want to find out where Russian navy is,Russian navy have fired more missile than USA has in their storage at Ukraine,Ukraine don't want any of that,Russian navy is the best,sinking of moskova is insignificant

Drumpf Todd says:

It's invisible and it's busy being impotent.

C Ed says:

Ukrainian just go and dink it

P R says:

At this rate, the Russian navy will forced to retreat to the middle of Siberia

Greg Ciach says:

Russia is not a country nor civilization, it is a mental illness.

John C. Smith says:

hahaha Another "Expert" lol

Andreas Hansson says:

Well done Ukraine. At the beginning of the war, Russia fired rockets from Russian ships into Ukrainian territory. But Ukraine managed to sink Russian ships so they had to retreat.

Anders Akerfelt says:

Finland has stoped all tourist visas for Russians, Estonia the same. Lets hope that the rest of Europe and Turkey follows. This is the fastest way to get rid of Putin, dont let Russians travel!

Walterwaltraud says:

NSM them at port then, please.

Paddy Wakk says:

On a Special hidden operation.

Michael Pezzullo says:

The strongest part of Russia’s Navy has always been their submarine fleet which you can’t see. The Russian surface fleet has always been an enlarged version of the Royal Navy: weak, underpowered, poorly designed, substandard naval architecture, bad engineering, slipshod maintenance procedures and overall half-assed.

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