Russia Tells Employees To Stay Home, Fueling Fear Of Nuclear Attack

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Russia has told workers at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine not to show up to work Friday amid allegations and speculation from both Russia and Ukraine that an incident is being planned at the plant. NBC’s Meagan Fitzgerald reports for TODAY from Bucha.

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Kimberly Sponagle says:

Russia wants the Ukrainian land, and is very unlikely to use nuclear weapons. Ukraine will become so desperate that if they can't have the land nobody can.

Aussie Patriot says:

Yeah and Donald trump is a russian asset ya talk so many lies

Hemant Chaudhari says:

Zelensky, resign.
Ukrainian government surrender to Russia. Zelensky, vanish, vamoose from this world. f*** off.
Russia is the winner and does not need your government.

Ronzal says:

If there is a meltdown here it is the USA, the EU and the Ukrainian leadership who are responsible. They are the ones who provoked the Russian attack on Ukraine. After all, Western weapons are also used against the nuclear power plant.

Colin Davis says:

The US needs to learn it's lesson not to provoke proxy wars, may Russia use whatever means necessary to completely destroy Ukraine if need be…!!!

Dexter says:

Russia controls the plant,its American and Ukrainian missiles which are causing a crisis!!!!! Get real.

Jimmy Curd says:

No matter the stock market crash one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in Forex and Crypto which are really profitable

Carl Sagan says:

This is like something the school shooter says to his friend the day before. "Don't come to school tomorrow man."

0000 says:


William Vang Vang says:

UN is a joke

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