How about getting vaccinated again against coronavirus? | COVID-19 Special

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We’ve all heard stories of healthcare workers who worked for months on COVID-19 wards and never caught it. Researchers are trying to figure out natural immunity. For now, it looks like vaccination will be vital as we learn to live with the virus.


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James Dixon says:

Maybe some are immune to this virus,

James Dixon says:

I'm one of them that has been around multiple people with covid and I never got it so I want to know why

HOW says:

My Dad had it but the rest of the family never did.

Machiave11i says:

Never tested, never vaccinated and never became sick.

Berend Werkman says:

In the beginning of 2020 I had tested positive but had no symptoms at all nor feeling sick

Tracy Wehner says:

How about no. Not vaccinated.

Cogito Anima says:

Why should we take a vaccine from a company that has full immunity? I have full natural immunity given to me by mother nature and it works.

John Kristiansson says:

Everybody in this comment section seem to claim that they are immune lol

TheWtfnonamez says:

The common cold and norovirus cost western economies billions of dollars a year in lost work and sick pay. Despite our best efforts and nearly half a century of research we never cured those diseases despite enormous economic impact. I am not holding out hope that they will cure covid any time soon

lala rebelse says:

What i think is ppl who are to clean or dont have a jought with dirt etc are ill quick. I have eaten dirt sand etc etc. I never get sick. Im not cleaning with clorine or make everything bacteria free so im never sick. I got 1 time in my live the griep and never got sick again. I dont know why but my gess is we are to clean. Clean is good but being to clean doesnt make your body stronger it makes it weak for infections. Your body is a kind of computer the more bacteria and virusses you get in contact with the less sick you get for all kind of virusses an bacteria

A Clem says:

I have worked in healthcare throughout the pandemic and work directly with covid patients. Granted I did get all the vaccines, but did work in the beginning without a vaccine cause there wasn't one. I have never had covid and I get tested regularly..

reinux says:

Weird flex, but I seem to be highly resistant, maybe even immune. Been in contact with a lot of unvaccinated, symptomatic people who have tested positive, and I seem to be totally fine.

YEN ⅘ says:

I'm from Germany. I 'm not vaccinated not because im a right wing male its just because i was Kind of scared about taking an vaccine which is not tested. So now a couple years later still not vaccinated i did not infected one time with corona 🙂 i'm happy about that. Edit i smoke weed maybe thats the point ^^

Costache Ninel says:

It was a lie manipulation to scare humanity to say ncovid orses

Esotericity says:

Viruses are created within the body. It is not external as the medical conman wants you to believe. It is not transmissible between animals and humans. Its all a lie.

Mervin Gaeb says:

The great deception

Mervin Gaeb says:

No one died at home . All people that died died in the hospital

James says:

MRNA, discovered in 1952 by two French scientists at Institute Pastor in France.

Absalom says:

How about getting a lawsuit again and again

Stevie Darling says:

Study “Risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 infection and transmission in households with children with asthma and allergy: A prospective surveillance study” found people with inflammatory airway conditions like food allergies and some types of asthma have fewer ACE2 receptors in their airways, so they are more likely to not contract it when those around them did and have lower viral loads if they do catch it.

Sekiro Haider says:

I have a garbage immune system. I get one flue after another, but so far I dodged all covid infections. Wish me luck that that continues to work 😀

Theta says:

Just 1 more booster to flatten your pulse

Red Harlow says:

Lol, i believe i won't catch it bc I'm an introvert and don't go to gross parties and concerts

Montanagal says:

I have a long list of questions no one could answer…including why we believe China in the first place without conducting our own research. Another question is why we were told the flu disappeared (because masks are great), and the hospital called everything Covid. I observed patients with no symptoms being labeled as Covid too. I think an investigation needs to be done on what the hospitals actually did.

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