Ford Candidly Describes Alleged Kavanaugh Assault, Thought She'd 'Accidentally Be Killed' | MSNBC

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In her opening testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committe, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford recounted the details of her alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his then friend, Mark Judge.
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Ford Candidly Describes Alleged Kavanaugh Assault, Thought She’d ‘Accidentally Be Killed’ | MSNBC


AttilatheThrilla says:

I doubt this woman/ girl was ever even seen as sexually attractive to multiple men… She looks like Garth from Waynes World … and that’s an insult to Garth

Diana Iulia says:

Why does she show up only one eye at the beggining of the speech?

Oats says:

No one believes her

Jigsjigz says:

This aged well… why arnt they doing the same to Biden?

NS BL says:

Sad thing is that there are true survivors shamed by people like her Lying. The reason why I dont belong to the #metoo movement is because I never put myself on that position. Got to trust your gut. Read the room. Observe and make wise desitions. Dr Ford laying under oath is a bad one. And having a "poor little vulnerable me" voice doesnt make you credible at all. Tara Reid on the other hand IS straight forward with her story, her timeline and her motives.

asa neal says:

Why has MSNBC not posted a video about Joe Biden’s allegations

It's JustMe says:

The fake whiny voice is a give-away, this is such farce. Sounds like a 6 year old asking their mother if they can stay home from school.

sak lee says:

does she even have proof that she’s met kavannaugh?

Aaron Silver-Pell says:

I just feel really bad that she let a guy groping her ruin her life. This must be really hard for her double time because she wasn't able to stop him from getting the appointment.

V. S. says:

This b*tch is a liar!

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