UFO image lost for 30 years uncovered

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For more than 30 years, the “elusive” picture has remained a secret, yet it forms one of the “biggest mysteries” in UFO history.
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mike rooney says:

it's a small isle (with its reflection) on a reservoir in Scotland. their are no reports of it flying off.

madmartigan says:

I don't understand why this isn't blowing people's minds, there is no question it's not made by humans


Listen, they are dropping you crumbs, and have been keeping this a secret for over 50 years are more. Now this is what they don't know. That these are aliens at all, but are demon hybrids with one purpose. To destroy mankind.
Stay away from them, I repeat stay away.

eliot says:

It should be "Enshrined" in the Smithsonian!

Roderik Jansen says:


David Rayner says:

This has been debunked. It's a rock sticking out of a lake. And it's upside down. Which is why the reflection of the plane isn't.

Brian Hoover says:

Weather balloon, obviously.

Solomon Strain says:

I wouldn't want a skeptic reporting a car crash wonder what they would think the two cars were lol

quake4ever2007 says:

I see a small rock island with its reflection and someone rowing a boat.

S C says:

They will start showing us things like this! we can't believe !!so they can control us further.. the powers of this world let us see what they want us to see…probly be jesus in the sky next

bill camper says:

just looks like a kite

Michael Mitchell says:

It’s a rock, they been found out. The photo is a rock in the water reflecting the sky back with the jet passing over. It’s a fake people.

Obi Wan Kenobi says:

It's swamp gas…

or a weather balloon!

Ramos Severianus says:

It was me who take shoot the ufo.

eva en says:

So be ready they are coming..

IGotUFOInformation says:

Electromagnetic field propulsion

M. L. says:

Looks similar to what people have tried to describe to me from there own encounters.

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