Start Day Trading Futures in 2022!!!!

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Start Day Trading Futures in 2022! Theres so many benefits to Trading Futures for New Day Traders and Experienced Day Traders alike! We talk about the benefits like NO PDT and Tax breaks for Futures Trading in this video!

Futures Platform I use for Trading IronBeam App

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Bobby Roberts says:

What do u think bout ninja trader platform?

Marc says:

The micros are great, but more expensive. One thing you need to consider is that the micros are 1/10 the size of the mini contracts. micro commissions however are not 1/10 of the mini contract commissions, with most brokers you will be paying about 1/4 of the mini rate…Example: YM all-in commission with my broker is 2.15, size adjusted commission for MYM should be 0.215 (one tenth of the mini rate) but is actually 0.49

eddie says:

Fantastic video as usual Patrick, thanks for showing Iron Beam.

Dtrain72 says:

I am paper trading right now will go live June 2022

Legacy says:

You can’t trade future in the us? Isn’t it illegal

Ståhlberg Ståhlberg says:

Futures is what the historical traders made millions in. But now everyone can access it. It's a game changer. I trade NQ & CL.

Hayden Hewy says:

Great Video Patrick. Good info.

Ted Lofland says:

Great video Patrick, I like the benefits of trading cash-settled futures. ES futures are based on the SPX index which covers several sectors within that index. Those sectors do not always move together in the same direction. You will see trending days, choppy nowhere days, big whipsaw days, and rotational days. I would paper trade ES futures for a while and learn from Shadowtrader, Pirate traders, and Jim Dalton before trading one of the most highly leveraged instruments like this. Every $1.00(one handle or one point) move-in/ES(mini) is a $50 profit or loss. Every $1.00 move-in/MES(micro) is a $5 profit or loss. Your risk management skills have to be very high more than trading shares of equities. Yes, big trending days either up or down can produce massive profits quite easily. The choppy, rotational, and whipsaw days can be very difficult unless you learn how to trade them from the three guys I mentioned.

thu vo says:

Do CMEG have allowed to trade future Pat. What I need to do for have a flatform to trade future . Help me know please. I just day trade stock. I don't know much about future trade.

silver4K says:

Do they have a minimum that you have to stay above like my broker I trade the MES to but if I go below 500 they stop your account until you put more money in the account. I will definitely ck them out thanks for the info

guy says:

Great advice,,, use stops and practice risk management!!

tom saywer says:

Futures is extremely risky because of the leverage and you can lose more than you have in your account.

J Neusbaum says:

PDT rule does count on same day executions. 3 round trip trades per 5 days.
Please tell how I am wrong.
Thanks for all the videos and knowledge…
Same day expirations are a no go with PDT as far as I can tell…

Patrick Wieland says:

Futures Platform I use for Trading IronBeam App EDITTT!!! 10 HANDLE MORE ON $MES IS $50 PROFIT FOR 1 CONTRACT!!! MY BAD!

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