UX Design Process Explained (in 17 Minutes)

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Andres Lopez Contreras Romrto says:

Like your channel is just so good, your all your videos teach something new and arent redundant or repetitive, straight to the point. Thank you so much for this!

Joel Mann says:

Mizko you're a genius, thank you so much, just about to graduate and UX is what I dream of doing, and this has helped me so much when working through my case study's for my portfolio.

Suzy Bee says:

When is your UX course coming out? Thanks

Tracy Ready says:

THIS!!!! I'm coming to this field with quite a bit of experience but I didn't even know that what I've been doing was UX. So I've found it hard to focus while in bootcamps and classes because they drag along with a lot of repetition. But THIS… THIS is what I needed to know… what are the key phases of the process…. period… quick, simple and to the point. This was very validating and affirming. You just gained a new subscriber.

Caroline AUBERT says:

Hi, This is a design thinking finaly ? Right ?

djresolution says:

in real life? no.

Uyi Ojo-Osagie says:

How do i get those books you recommended?

Hugh Manatee says:

Finally!!! A brilliantly structured video that offers clarity to what always felt like a very ambiguous subject.
Can’t thank you enough for holding our hands and guiding us through.

Koraljka de Carina says:

What tools do you work with for all the parts of the design process described?


Hi Mizko
This video is great and i thank you for that.
But, the thing we really need is to show each step with a case real or not.
So, do you have a course explaining in detail all the steps please ?


Rachel Hagan says:

Great video, thanks for all the effort for helping "Dummies" like me to learn…but just have to say that all the stock videos of "people in meetings" are HILARIOUS! Those actors need some work… LOL

Nuno says:

UX Design still a viable carrer in 2022? For someone whos just starting his bachelor?

John Balboa says:

I loved the way you broke down this process into digestible pieces. I feel like this best covers the fundamentals I've either underutilized or skipped when jumping back and forth between UX and front-end development

Val Petrova says:

I am amazed on how well structured and informative the video is, and am unable to grasp why so few likes! I am on the verge of transitioning carrers from a graphic designer to a UI/UX design, because I am really into marketing and have a 16 yeara of a carrer as a graphic designer. Just need a change. Your video is really helpful to get what should I be doing and focusing on in order to transition. Thank you! 🙂

Sahar Jawaid says:

Wow great video, the books you shared are they available online to download

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