Marburg: Ghana confirms first cases of deadly virus – BBC News

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Ghana has confirmed its first two cases of the deadly Marburg virus, a highly infectious disease in the same family as the virus that causes Ebola.

It says both patients died recently in hospital in the southern Ashanti region.

Their samples came back positive earlier this month and have now been verified by a laboratory in Senegal.

Health officials in the West African nation say 98 people are now under quarantine as suspected contact cases.

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Hällėy - says:


Montel Dublin says:

Stop making virus

J S says:

Time to stop eating bats in the bush

J S says:

Is Marburg as bad as Ebola?

J S says:

Thanks to the CCP for the shit show back in late 2019 and beginning of 2020 saying nothing here, nothing here

J S says:

A shit making virus

George Butcher says:

Public Places…
Malls Grocery Stores and even Church .

Jenny L Harrell Catron says:

Are you forecasting that this isn’t isolated?

R Verrill says:

Here we go again

Glenn MacDonald says:

Why does he say Male Adult? Isn’t that called a man?

jose casillas says:

oh no another deadly virus.

okay, what freedoms do you want for me now?

CeCe Green says:

Bill Gates is booked and busy for the next millenia

Olivier says:

Thank you for the timely and valuable information. Bravo Ghana!

Hera Hagstoz says:

This is sad.

Jacob Davies says:

here we go again

TheWorld says:

This news is unreal , why is the virus detected in one region Ashanti and you are interviewing someone at the cacciatore region . Does this make sense at all

Jamie says:

It's Marbin time

Dark leo says:

Seriously!? Why Ghana tho ?

Scott Graydon says:

Wtf did all these new viruses come from? There’s a new one dropping literally every month.

Alejandro De Yavorsky says:

Thank god they arent chinese, they would have travelled all over the world

Rebekka på norsk says:

COVID, monkeypox and now Marburg great! This is getting better!

tony Hanley says:

Just like monkey pox hey!, except the who says that’s a gay mens dis-ease. Just like HIV- that was man made. Fact. Another excuse for a lockdown.

Heather Huber says:

Can we please start trusting the EXPERTS to be the EXPERTS again? The misinformation is just maddening

Nike Husk says:

Global warming is activating Earth’s praetorian guards.

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