I believe nicotine is good | John Coogan for Heretics

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Nicotine is misunderstood. Lucy & Soylent co-founder John Coogan explains why.

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Nicotine is a deeply emotional issue for most people, mainly because many of us know someone who’s died from cigarettes. This leads to very tight associations between nicotine and cigarettes.

The only problem is that it wasn’t necessarily the nicotine that killed the smoker. It’s really the tobacco leaf that has the carcinogens in it, which is very unhealthy when you breathe it. They’re two separate substances, and they have very different behaviors and effects on the human body.

John Coogan, founder of the controversial nicotine brand, Lucy, thinks that when nicotine products are formulated correctly, they can potentially have very, very low cost to the user’s health.

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John Coogan says:

Hey thanks for having me! This was a fun interview. Smoking cessation is a super complicate issue, so i’m happy to answer any questions people have in the comments!

John Grefe says:

What this misses in praise of Nicotine and demonization of cigs is that cigs contain an MAO which really increases their addictive capabilities from mild stimulant to major brain chemistry modifier (MAO). This is why Rx drugs such as Wellbutrin are effective for quitting smoking. Being able to identify and articulate that point lets you separate nicotine as a standalone stimulant and deal with it's addictive properties rationally. There's a case for purity of Nicotine (without MAO) in Nicotine for pleasure products, and Nicotine with MAO in Nicotine for quitting smoking products, but this significantly escalates the regulatory hoops needed to jump through with FDA and until we see serious reforms, we probably cannot have highly effective quit smoking products. Smoking is a triad; physical action (hand to mouth inhale), Nicotine and MAO, simulating two of three is typically good enough.

Tony Tone says:

I've been using Zyn 6mg for quite a while, no cigarettes in a few years now

Matt says:

Why is nicotine gum not allowed to be sold in gas stations but cigarettes are?

Paula Johnson says:

What do you think of American Spirit cigarettes which is organic and doesn't contain the other harmful chemicals.

Meowmeow says:

There are much better cholinergic drugs than nicotine. This dude has a horse in the race.

Bradley Swanson says:

I actually believe smoking tobacco is ok, but I don’t think smoking pre made big tobacco cigarettes is.

To my knowledge, ALL pre made cigarettes (including American spirits) have tobacco cured with chloride, which is what causes cancer and makes you stink.

lookashinyone says:

weird ad but ok…

GamingPåHögNivå says:

Use snus instead

worldtec says:

Im disliking this video because it made me want to start vaping again

Luke Adsit says:

I wonder how many leaves they had to smoke before they found the tobacco plant

Luke Adsit says:

What about a tobacco leaf salad

Luke Adsit says:

Interesting idea but $11 is a lot for a single piece of gum

Joseph Ulbrich says:

Lucy, I don't like the name… Too catchy and the name is designed for a young crowd. It should first and foremost be a method for stopping smoking, not creating a new drug to take.

John says:

I want a Mexican" jumping bean capsule for Coffee.

Ppl Should be Moved Over/ Onto POT… NEW Pot… It's Just; WEED Ain't FREE, Babies and Bouncers 4 Party Boyz; Like E- Thang ELse They've Arranged w Mange… AINT Free. And ITz NOt The 90s NOMOre, Bozos… U Don't Know or U Forgot??? I Think They Caught The Hater Vaporz. Keep dem Handz to Dummself, Moneygrip.

Dude Nonyabusiness says:

coffee isn‘t about caffeine, it‘s about enjoyment.

Kodaloid says:

It seems dangerous to me to suggest nicotine is a good substitute to caffeine, or smoking. As John said it's better at dopamine delivery. That is not a good thing, it's bad! You know what else has a better dopamine delivery than caffeine? cocaine, heroin, and many other awful drugs.

This guy may have the best intentions in mind, but to me it seems he's a bit dim not connecting these basic dots together. Although I imagine something more sinister as hooking into smoking cessation to trigger peoples emotional reactions is an underhanded tactic used often by people who want trick people into seeing bad things as good.

BilboB says:

im done with this channel. all they do is shill for companies to have a full time ad placed as "videos" here.

Essej1234 says:

The difference between caffeine and nicotine (even though it isn’t smoked) is that it’s extremely addictive, caffeine isn’t. This dude doesn’t have a Phd or even a degree in biology so I wouldn’t take drug advice from him. (Especially because he sells nicotine)

Rafael Ignacio Vela Hernández says:

I chew nicotine gum, it's great. I have never smoked; I grabbed a small bite from my grandma who used to smoke. I can stop whenever I want and the effects are nice

Am I Being Detained says:

I love how this advocates for baking without saying vaping once. Very logical standpoint he has. Great material.

Plots to raise the dead says:

Just had a look… there are some sus ass additives and fillers in this Lucy product though! Why is it so hard always for companies to get it right? It makes it seem like you're complying with regulations to input toxins in the product to make it marketable and retail worthy, that or you only care about the profit and not the delivery system as you say. Talc? Calcium carbonate the artery blocker? Artificial sweeteners? This is inferior quality filler you can find in most cheap products on the market, but you're charging customers £40 for it at a time. Not joking, even basic NiQuitin and Nicorette usually have less additives than this — the worst being, possibly, aspartame; not good admittedly. Did you not want to minimise or neutralise toxic load in favour of quality nicotine delivery?

Isaac Sotelo says:

I can't wait to be as addicted to oral nicotine as I am to coffee!

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