Incredible results from 3 months of Zone 2 Heart Rate Triathlon Training

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After three months of dedicated Zone 2 heart rate triathlon training these are the results that surprised even Taren with how much improvement happened. Start heart rate training yourself with this free download:

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Annu Kun says:

thanks this answers my question so i do 76 percent of my max HR 185 x75= 138 hr for zone 2…… into cycling so your sayin if i keep doing "aerobic base zone 2" this would make me faster and fitter cyclist in the long term right? today i did an indor workout 90 min avr cadence was 95 and HR 133……….is this the way to get faster? if i do it for months and momths? also i spinner meaning if i do lower than 90 my HR goes up

Weston Hood says:

you're not supposed to do cold therapy within 2 hours of any kind of workout/weightlift, its been shown retract from your progress being made. I think its something about the constriciting of vessels that need to carry nutrients to the muscles and also detoxy the bloodstream, etc. And actually the latest research on the subject suggests that any cold exposure should be done FAR away from exercise, maybe more than 2 hours. Its kinda like the vitamin c taking away from the high oxidative stress that exercise gives you, blunts the stress, body doesn't adapt as much from it

DeuxRoues Chamois Cream says:

Hey bud, I really enjoyed your detailed approach. Nice job

Thirsty Program says:

this video made me very uncomfortable

Sen Sam says:

I competed in olympic weightlifting for 6 years and quit due to covid (and I'm honestly just tired of it). Started doing triathlon training just for fun since June. I've been doing a 20k bike + 5k run at Zone 2 periodically over the past 3 months (while doing lots of other Z2 training). My first attempt took 97 minutes, but today I finished in 83 minutes. Average HR is almost always 132, or just under 70% for me. I can feel I still have lots and lots of room for progress! I can't wait to do this same route next year and see how much it goes down by. But for now I think I'm going to have to increase the distance since this is meant to be ''90 min zone 2'' for me.

Jim King says:

You need to recalculate your Max HR for your calculations. Do NOT use 220- age!

wooraa woora says:

zone 2 out of 6?

juan perez says:

In my case, 100% of the time Of indoor training my heart rate lower then outside.

Christopher Heiges says:

Did you do 3 months of Only zone 1 and 2 or did you mix in other zones also?

Alex Spodarev says:

Anyone knows how to set Custom heart rate Zones in Polar Beat/Flow?

sjonit1 says:

Most misleading video ever. Apples and Oranges anyone?

Justin Bloomer says:

Hi Taren, I done a 4 hour ride today and my HR was in zone 2 for most of the time but my power was all over the place with riding a little harder uphill and free wheeling downhill. Is this still good for training?

sneakersxsosa says:

Because its lower intensity, is there an opportunity to increase the distance or would that counter the easy workout?

Michael Hardie says:

Question: are the hr zones the same for running and cycling? Will cycling at my zone 2 also improve my aerobic for running? I am guessing yes

Atasoy Atikan says:

obviously you choose not to answer many youtube comments, but i will try my chances. what you are comparing here is heavily misleading. if you want to prove something "scientifically" then you must provide maximum amount of standartization. comparing an indoor and outdoor activitiy is ridiculous. you can go out and do a training for three hours and come back and show us the results, otherwise this is not credible.

Ben G says:

So hard to stay in zone 2. Once I tip over to zone 3 I find that my heart rate will go lower quite quickly when I stop jogging and start walking. However as soon as I start running again it goes back into zone 3. After I’ve gone into Zone 3 should I wait until My HR goes to Zone 1 and then start jogging again or start jogging when I’m in zone 2?! So frustrating

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